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Life Talk!

Please imagine



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Please imagine: you are in ship and you are captain!
You have in your ship some animals!  A chicken, a gazelle, a tiger, a cow, a horse!
Suddenly your ship fall in storm and you must throw all those animals except one!
You can keep only one animal, so which of those animals do you keep?

10:26 PM Feb 13 2011 |

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I'd keep the hen :) LOL 

11:55 PM Feb 13 2011 |




Well well well I guess I get yew, but I'll answere yew .. Umm I'll choose the tiger cuz if I didn't make it he can eat me nd noboday can say I was a bad Captain =D

Peace *_^

12:17 AM Feb 14 2011 |



mmm…let me think..i would keep chicken:)

08:28 AM Feb 14 2011 |




It's more better to imagine, if you don't know swimming would the riddles help you out?!!  Laughing

Imagine two friends are sailing on the sailboat.

One is a sailor sailing the sailboat, and another one world renown logician. 

Both of them talking and joking with one another. 

Logician asking Sailor, " Ohh, my Sailor friend, do you know something about logic?"

Poor Sailor in embarrassed tone, "Sir, I don't even know the abc of logic and riddles".

Proud Logician, " hah, you poor soul, you have ruined your life, if you haven't learned logic".

After few moments, sky turning into dark,

heavy wind blowing like a rapid fire of bullets,

Sailor breaking his silence and asking revered logician,

"Sir, do you know how to swim?!!"

Logician, "Wha wha what?" ... sailor, " Sir hurry up tell me do you know how to swim, our sailboat is falling into storm?" 

Logician, " Errrrrr, wa wha what, hurrrr iiii caaaa neeee, ohh, I don't know how to swim … OMG! .... 

Sailor humbly, " Sir, you have really ruined your life in logic if you don't know swimming …. " Laughing


11:41 AM Feb 14 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks to comment here!

I will comment for you soon as soon!Smile

09:32 PM Feb 14 2011 |

sea owner

sea owner


I used to work in a ship design company, as far as I know , if your ship falls in storm. it is not that good an idea to decrease too much weight suddenly unless water comes into tank, it may rise the centre of gravity and lead to shipwrecks, and in that case I would rather to throw myself into the seaFoot in mouth.


anyway, I would keep the cow. because I have never tried beefsteak and I want to know how does it taste!!

05:41 AM Feb 15 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

the answer is

the ship represents ur life

the storm the problems of ur life

the tiger :proud

gazelle: family

chicken :son

horse: friends

cow: money

09:04 AM Feb 15 2011 |




neglecting that cow weight is equal to the chicken and tiger an may the gazalla too

i will keep the cow maybe we will hold for long time

so i need the cow for it's milk "drink & nutrient"  

04:57 PM Feb 16 2011 |




ohhhh i was late ooOOooOOops 

:D :D 

04:58 PM Feb 16 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Right! this is my mean!

Thanks all friends

06:01 AM Feb 17 2011 |