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Life Talk!

Gentle spring again,but you have changed.



Gentle breeze,bright sunshine,clear sky, all these remind me:oh!You come again,spring.But,where are you,Xuaner.I know you have changed.
When boys expect girls not to change,the result is always the other way around.I know we can never block the path of time,although now I can still see you,although I know I can not keep you aside with me,there is always a position in my heart for you.
If you suffer,don’t forget to tell me.I can give you the happiest sky.
Wish all sweethearts can be really togetger!!

03:16 AM Mar 09 2004 |

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I will wait until you know this site.

02:09 PM May 04 2004 |



the worst way to miss someone is to sit right beside them knowing you can not have them .
do you have the same feeling ?

03:18 PM Jul 12 2004 |



You’re a kind guy,kendy!But it seems that you just want to give your lover the happiest sky,you forget yourself! Try to give the best gift to yourself,you will find the world is so beautiful, really.
God bless you!

09:50 AM Jul 20 2004 |



In fact,you’ll gain a lot after the suffering.And it’s life,when you lost something,you’ll gain something.
So,I’m sure you’ll grow up.In my view,everybody here ought to thanks to life,for it make you live a colourful life.
Face life with your beautiful smile,you will find life smile to you,too.:)

08:04 AM Aug 17 2004 |



Serbia and Montenegro

ye  you are ture ,we can not stop fasted flying time ,but the past happiness moment always in our memory .in the deep heart hoping everythig going all right after lover left,the more experience the more you get ,at leat we have owned it .

01:44 PM Feb 03 2008 |



what on the earth is love? make so many individuals happy, tortured, crazy, even suiside for their lovers without any hesitation. the most beautiful things I believe is that the process of love. Don't expect to have you lover forever, just cherish the days you share. The love exists everywhere for good and all. 

02:35 AM Feb 04 2008 |



Hi hqt108,I am agree totally with you.To be honest,I have such experience as you said.It was something happeded in my high school life.Nowadays when I recalled that experience I found that I really have learned many things from that mistake.But the most imprtant lesson I learned is only if you are mature , you can offer the ture love to someone I love. 

07:39 AM Feb 05 2008 |