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Life Talk!

long for you(poem I wrote)




I stayed all my long night

looking for any light

but I can't see

because you aren't here with me

I have nothing to do

just loving you

I'm so bleak…so weak..without you

I become more sensitive than before

the strong woman is no more

just looking around

seeing your face ups and down

hearing your voice everywhere

searching for you but you aren't there

so I return back to my bed

you still here in my head

I feel you on my lips

through darkness time slips

your breath on my neck

my heart a torn wreck

I hear you whispering in my ear

I feel you so near

although you aren't here

I touch you right now 

but I don't know how???????


07:25 PM Mar 12 2011 |

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Russian Federation

life is fight !


08:20 AM Mar 13 2011 |