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What is your job

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi…How do you live…What is your job and how you pass living?How do you earn money…First I start…I work with my brother.We gravure pictures by laser machines on Grave stones…..How about you….?

01:10 PM Mar 13 2011 |

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United Arab Emirates

Actually I dont work  Iam still studying in collage ^^..

06:42 PM Mar 13 2011 |



I am working in a big  international manufacturing corporation as an engineer!

 I feel bored about my job now,  I want to look for a new job soon!

05:08 PM Mar 14 2011 |



Czech Republic

I am working at home, because I'm on the maternity leave with my daughter Smile, but I study too

10:59 AM Mar 15 2011 |



I hope I can looking for a job.

02:48 AM Mar 19 2011 |