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Is it difficult to admit that you are wrong?

eme soul

eme soul

United Arab Emirates

and if you are wrong is it really hard to say I'm sorry ?

11:54 AM Apr 05 2011 |

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Saudi Arabia

Actually, it’s difficult and hard to admit if I was insisting that I’m right.
But I always say sorry cuz I do mistakes most of the time especially with my close friend, so I don’t find it’s difficult to say sorry _ .

12:27 PM Apr 05 2011 |



sorry seems to be the hardest word

05:00 PM Apr 05 2011 |



In my experience the word "sorry" is  very easy to say, but hard to mean. Many times we say "sorry" but after a while we do wrong again.

07:22 PM Apr 05 2011 |

eme soul

eme soul

United Arab Emirates

Because i passed with alot of people who find it hard word to say! and it affects their dignity!!,but for me it's not hard because I know saying sorry is easier than what we could possibly lose.

01:24 PM Apr 07 2011 |



Do you know that the Jews, when they were indians, thousands of years ago,  believed in a Lord, in the sky, because of  thunders, rains, lightnings, snows?

01:31 PM Apr 07 2011 |

eme soul

eme soul

United Arab Emirates

yeah you right ryo .. 

02:02 PM Apr 07 2011 |




It`s not easy, but I try to say always I'm wrong, because it makes me feel better later.

11:42 AM Apr 08 2011 |

dina spears


I am very stubborn in nature so it is hard to realize that I'm wrong, but when i figure out my mistake it's not hard for me to apologize and confess, because we are all humans and it's natural to make mistakes.

09:45 PM Apr 09 2011 |



i don't find it hard to admit that i am/was wrong,as soon as i realise it i apologize,moreover i just have this need to say "sorry" otherwise i feel bad.

05:10 PM Apr 10 2011 |