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Life Talk!

How to enjoy your life and your job




make something I like both

07:58 AM Jun 14 2011 |

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freedom boy


just try to convince yourself about your situation or position in life. But don’t forget to improve yourself becouse, you will feel energy.

09:05 AM Jun 14 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

how  to enjoy  your  life  and  your  job
I think it’s the same question how to be happy
but  if u dont  like  ur  job 
try  to find   someting  u like for  enjoy  and  not necssary    mony
 and  not necssarry to leave  ur fisrt  job 
the  first one  maybe  for  mony
and  the  other  would  because  u love  and enjoy
and  would be great  if u found   the  thing  that  have   both  

10:45 AM Jun 14 2011 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

change ur life style and love what u do

10:48 AM Jun 14 2011 |




That’s exactly the title of Dale Carnegie’s most celebrated work, ‘How to enjoy life and your job’.

Here is a brief summery of main points;

1) Make other people feel important …. and do it sincerely
2) Avoid unnecessary tension … save your energy for important duties
3) Get people to say yes … immediately
4) Turn routine tasks into stimulating opportunities
5) Spot a sure-fire way of making enemies … and avoid it

6) Smile in the face of criticism … you’ve done your very best!

11:10 AM Jun 14 2011 |



sleep as well as you can 

11:42 AM Jun 15 2011 |



United Arab Emirates

you can enjoy your life and job if u want that ,you only can control your life in the way you want it

07:44 AM Jun 16 2011 |

es pati

es pati

United Kingdom

about job: make your hobby as your job (earn money through your job) Innocent

09:12 PM Jun 17 2011 |