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this site doesn't work well with me

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hi all , i have too many problems in using this site ,

1- blurt doesn’t work , i can’t blurt to my freinds

2- some times i need to wait an hour to can post another comment or open new page, i don’t know what will happen makes the site off all this long time

to take notice of , i have used firefox , google chrom and internet explorer , without any benefit.

have any one any idea about that? i will be thanks to you

01:54 PM Jul 25 2011 |

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maybe your computer has some virus. if u use some internet security programs maybe it will be good for ur computer. it’s my opinion

02:25 PM Jul 25 2011 |

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 Ermann thanks for your oponion ,

i have internet security , 

this problems have happened just with this site , 

other sites without any problem , i don’t know why .

03:02 PM Jul 25 2011 |

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thanks Dear Cranberry ,

perfect explanations,, completely what i want ,

i thought formating my computer

but now , i have to expolre this site more .

up to now . waite blurt from me Wink

01:12 PM Jul 26 2011 |



United Kingdom

Hello again

It is this site I think – because huge numbers of people are on here now – it gets busy and the site cannot cope. It is the same with facebook.

Also this site has changed quite a bit hasn’t it?

I don’t use blurt, so I don’t know how that works.

Please don’t give up my friend,



11:05 PM Jul 26 2011 |

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thank you Dear otooziki for your explanation, servers may be busy 

your english languge is native so you don’t need to blurt , but for me i think it’s great idea form this site . i need to increase the number of vocabularies, this may help me . but at this this moment it is not working

Dear cranberry , you said you had sent comment for me before four day , but i didn’t recieve any notifaction for approval or not .

but when i sent comment to your profile , the massege was from the site ((please wait for approval))

just i wonder for that

05:48 AM Jul 27 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

 CranBerry 3 and 4  years is   not enought 

shure there   people  think to  come 

08:57 AM Jul 27 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

Talk  now  i dont think  format will  t  help 

 since  the proebem  u said in only  this  site 

but i wonder    do u stile  have the same probem?


09:04 AM Jul 27 2011 |



Russian Federation

I agree with you, Sveta. Old forums could have been removed long ago. They occupy lots of space. Besides, most of them do not contain any interesting information.

09:08 AM Jul 27 2011 |

Talk Now

Talk Now


thanks all 

blurt is working now , but sometimes i neet to wait long time to open a new page , this isn’t matter i can manage it .

i think this is because it may gets busy

07:33 PM Jul 28 2011 |