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Is there anyone play the WOW game?

May luo


I am a WOW fans.  I've seen the wonderful Video frequency of the foreign player playing the game.   I feel it is more wonderful than  we do.   Maybe the internet speed  is the key reason.         .Undecided

  When can us ,  Chinese player ,    enjoy a fluency experience.

  Just looking foward…..




03:15 AM Aug 10 2007 |

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hi,nice to meet you .

i am playing warcraft 3.

do you like it?

03:47 AM Aug 10 2007 |

May luo


I played it in my university.  but now i am very interesting in wow.   It is easier than other games,  and in this game i can achieve my dream---wanderring,  swimming,  farming,   eating ...... alone,  without any disturb.  

    it is so free,   i like.   

  hope  you will enjoy it.

08:05 AM Aug 10 2007 |




i am sorry but i can't anderstand what do you mean of "wow"

09:02 PM Nov 16 2007 |



Does your wow means " world of warcraft“ ? Wow, that's cool. Nice to meet u.

But i only do the wow for joy, and paly the warcraft 3 more intenely instead.

Do you like it too?

07:04 PM Jan 30 2008 |