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I want a english name , help me

May luo


Hi ,   friends.   i am a chinese .  and i want to have a english name.   is there anyone can help me? 

my chinese name is luo mei,    it is too simple.   so, maybe , i can try a more complex name of english..

   i am looking forward to your good ideas…....

08:28 AM Aug 10 2007 |

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luze !!!!!!!!!!

hows that???

08:54 AM Aug 10 2007 |



mei, even if in chinese language, has at least hundreds of characters to match this sound, so you'd better explain us the meaning of your first name.

08:57 AM Aug 10 2007 |



mei, even if in chinese language, has at least hundreds of characters to match this sound, so you'd better explain us the meaning of your first name.

08:58 AM Aug 10 2007 |



Hi,A Mei, I am a Chinese too. I changed my English name recently. Because my classmate said my ex-English name is two difficurt to remeber and to pronouce.

One of my English teacher  told me that it's very difficurt to remerber Chinese people's English name if they just use their Chinese name's pronouce. So I suggest you to chosse a original English name instead of use something samillar with you Chinese name's pronouceance.Smile

02:43 PM Aug 10 2007 |



i like prunella. nu pogodi, can i get it?

10:33 AM Aug 12 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

well i dont know weather your a guy or a girl so let me know to fined you a name.

08:54 PM Aug 12 2007 |

Fly fish

Fly fish


Hi Mei. so nice to hear from u. My chinese name also have mei inside. my classmates said it's very simple. so i wanna a special english name. At first i call myself Cindy. but half a year i change it. and then Lynette is my english name now. and i like it very much. but Lynette is not a simple word, always my friends confuse about the pronunciation. after one year pass, some of my friends still can't get the right pronunciation. so i don't think it is a good idea to get a strange name. u can just have a wonderful and simple english name. it can easy to remember.  What do u think of? Mei.

08:40 AM Aug 01 2009 |



Go to www.iwantanenglishname.com
Good luck and tell your friends!

09:27 PM Dec 05 2012 |



United States

This is old but it probably would still help others so I vote.

May is a beautiful name in English, so is Linda. May is the month of flowers here. It has a nice springtime association.  Linda’s also very pretty. It appears as if there is a value on the complexity of the name when most names are pretty simple in English, American style anyhow. Someone mentioned Cindy. Cindy is a simplification of a more complicated name. Most names are simplified in daily usage. It might be best to just pick one that sort of sounds like your name, is easy for you to pronounce, and is simple enough for people who just met you to remember. Also sound it with your family name, which will be your last name in English. Sometimes they don’t sound right together. Not all change their names to follow Western style order so please don’t be offended if sometimes people confuse your family name with your name. Sometimes people just guess which is which and mean no insult.  It looks like you went with May, good choice.  Good luck.

Prunella was a spinster chicken who had the hots for the rooster in a cartoon popular when people my age were children. There is nothing wrong with the name except the association. It’s become the classic fictional spinster name. 

03:02 PM Dec 06 2012 |