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Man from this time

Syrian Arab Republic

This is my first post.
How do you deal with 9/11? It is not easy to engage this issue without sending the wrong message. While I emphasize with those who have suffered and lost those beloved to them (this includes those unjustly killed and tortured in the name of the War on Terror after the horrific event and those killed in acts of terror), I share no responsibility for the deeds of idiots; those who, in the name of religion, act in contradiction to it. How to be empathetic without being apologetic? Thoughts?

04:44 PM Sep 09 2011 |

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United States

I think what you wrote did a good job.   No one is asking you to take responsibility for 9/11 (since you called them idiots, I think that there is little chance you are from al-Qaeda haha) and no one is asking you to completely support or oppose everything done in the “War on Terror.” 

It’s not like if you say “I’m sorry for what happened” or “I’m sympathetic to your pain” then it means you are apologetic about it.  Any human should be empathetic with regard to other humans who were senselessly slaughtered. 

06:24 AM Sep 10 2011 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

i want just say I’m sorry for what happened

09:53 AM Sep 11 2011 |



Sorry for what guys ?!!!!!!!!

Havent you yet realized that 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB ?!!!!!!!!

actually I think it is USA who should apologize for Muslims, because that was a cause of many wars against muslims plus defacing the image of Islam for many people.

12:40 PM Sep 11 2011 |

Monique Fernandes


Sorry for what? Maybe for the deaths? Think about it… for one minute, forget about politics and religions… just think about the 3,000 lives that were lost that day in that place. That’s what everyone is sorry about.

03:37 PM Sep 11 2011 |



ffffffff….you just don’t get it Monique !

If we say sorry for the deaths, I’M THE FIRST ONE WHO IS SORRY

But in this case, sorrow is a kind of confession of guilt, as if it was really Mulsims who killed those people.

and why don’t say sorry for the billions of deaths in Iraq chase of the results of this unfortunate event…can you compare 3oo to thousand of thousands ?

I think nobody even thought to say sorry for those too

06:03 PM Sep 11 2011 |

Monique Fernandes


Hossam, he’s trying to make people not have a bad image of Islam like many do after what happened that day. Sick people don’t have a specific religion.

PS. Sorry for the deaths in Iraq.

01:08 AM Sep 12 2011 |



United States

In English, “I’m sorry for what happened” also means “I sympathize with you.”  It’s an expression of empathy, not an admission of guilt.  If you specifically want to admit your guilt, you say “I apologize.”  Example:  At a funeral, you can go to the family of the deceased and say, “I’m sorry.”  You should probably not say “I apologize.”

The guilty party, al-Qaeda, have already admitted their own guilt, and pretty proudly, too.  Just let them bear it.  It doesn’t reflect on the large majority of Muslims who don’t support them, and being sympathetic for the deaths of 3000 in the US does not reflect on anyone’s support for the US’s politics. 

Obviously, we are all (well, most of us) sorry for the suffering that has come out of this, in the US, in Iraq, and everywhere else. 

02:13 AM Sep 12 2011 |



Ok, I’m “sorry” for the misunderstanding.

Monique, i appreciate that, thanks.

02:51 AM Sep 12 2011 |