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Life Talk!

Before and after marriage




Dear frds, what do you think about this?

Before the marriage :D

He  : Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.

She : Do you want me to leave?

He   : NO! Don't ever think about it

She : Do you love me?

He  : Of course!

She : Have you ever cheated on me?

He  : NO! Why you even asking?

She : Will you kiss me?

He  : Yes!

She : Will you hit me?

He  : No way! i'm not such kind of person!

She : Can i trust you?

Now after the marriage you can read it from bottom to the top :D



08:23 AM Aug 21 2007 |

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i dont think that these dialogs are rite,you know why??????

i am a married gal and i know the relation between a hus and wife is getting closer n closer when they came to knew more about each other…......

i love my husband more than anything in my life


08:43 AM Aug 21 2007 |




wow,,, i like it sooooo much,,it is so fun and really


08:21 PM Aug 22 2007 |




LaughingTongue out

08:27 PM Aug 22 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

daing that post i just hope my hus is not like that idiot

12:03 AM Aug 23 2007 |




so funny,what about the real one?

12:14 AM Aug 23 2007 |



i want to read more about you as i have no experience…

05:58 AM Aug 23 2007 |




Yes frds. It's not my own words..hehehhh. I got from somewhere and what i see is  humour and its creative words. I dont know how he/she wrote words in contrast meaning and converse direction of dialogue. However, i think this situation may be true for someone , somewhere and some time. Please notice that i said " SOME' not  "ALL"

Anywhere i think it s funny too :D

06:49 AM Aug 23 2007 |




Hi noor, what u thinking about before and after marrige ?I am waiting for u….......................


08:48 AM Sep 14 2007 |

t k awan

t k awan


Right absolutly right,after marriage every thing suddenly changed.like in my area boy and his girlfriend went out side the city and they travel by train,when they reached their stop after a long journy, they cross the railway track/line.

suddenly, girl,s foot struck with the line and boy said. "oh",are you alright, and picked her up and crossed the track.

Now .

After the marriage again they went for outing and again they went there.again girl struck with the track and this time boy/husband said," ARE YOU BLIND,DONT YOU SEE TRACK.

the difference is there.before marriage and after marriage.

10:44 AM Sep 14 2007 |



one day our teacher asked to my friend in conversation lesson.

teacher: what is your three the most happy time in your life?

my friend: 3- I met a beautiful girl and she accept my offer

2- we got married.

3- we splided up


11:04 AM Sep 14 2007 |