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Life Talk!

they banned me from the CHAT without any reason so plz support me and help me .




they banned me from the CHAT without any reason …. plz help me .. just say ur opinion about that ….... and I swear i ddin’t do anything to deserve banned … 

11:07 PM Oct 03 2011 |

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i ‘d like to help you and support you,but i don’t know what happened,why you were banned by who?and what shall i do support you ,friend?

i have a suggestion that you should remember what did you do in past ,maybe can help you to find the clue,and you will be clear why you are banned.

03:44 AM Oct 04 2011 |




Are you really banned?

I’d like to help you, but Ebabyadmin2 is no longer monitoring the chat. I do not know the new oneUndecided

10:23 AM Oct 04 2011 |



  • this in not democracy , i think it call this RACISM HONESTLY I SAID to admin that he is crazy AND WHAT AND WHO YOU ARE ADMIN ? may be you are prophet and we don’t know , if you are democracy and civilization pple SHOW MY MESSAGE .

09:19 PM Oct 05 2011 |



Hello guys well I have the same problem that you, The last friday english baby chat banned me without argument, and I don’t know why, so I didn’t tell something bad or do something nasty as many people there do, but whatever I hope this will be no forever, I really like to improme my english in that Chat, and now I haven’t opened the chat. Please if somebody know how can I fix this please contact me. Finally I just wanna say to english chat I didn’t do anything bad, I’m not able with you to do this. It’s unfaire

06:19 PM Jan 16 2012 |

wolf Australia


is there any way to take the banned off?? I actually spoke in my won language by a mistake and they banned me!


any way to solve this problem?

06:32 PM Mar 09 2012 |




Even with a new account i’m still banned, how can we fix the problem?!!! this sucks!!!

07:30 PM Mar 12 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

guys iam sure you all made mistakes ..

i know boys cant get ahold of their tongues ….hhhh

you had it coming alll …. 

Keep IT UP admin ..tumbs up 

02:08 PM Mar 19 2012 |



Samirah not funny not funny not funny not funny and not funny

03:39 AM Jul 22 2012 |



Saudi Arabia


yeah it is not funny,but trueTongue out

05:05 AM Jul 22 2012 |

wasim ali

wasim ali


why they baned me ther was no mistake of me i just say how are you in arabic mane peopels used many wrong words but admin cant do action when i just say how are you in arabic then he baned me whyy when i will back?????

12:55 PM Aug 24 2012 |