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What kind of role Computor and Internet play in our life ?




Hello Friends!

Lets's speak about technology role in our daily life ?

What kind of role computor and Internet play in our life ?

Thank you all Beforehand!

04:57 AM Aug 30 2007 |

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Hi Gula,

I grew up without Computers – in my country now it is daily life that children learn to use Computers latest at school.

As I was 24 years old I got my first own PC. WWW was really very very slow. So we used the Computer most for Word Documents ore something like this.

Today I use to work with my PC, I search for information, I book hotel, flight, holiday travels, I write E-Mails, send photos and so on. My clients are still expecting that I read my E-Mails every day and that I will answer soon. Equal if I am in holiday or if it is Sunday.

I work with printer companies in China and Korea - I discuss with them with Skype.

If I search a workman I take a look in the Web. If the company has no website - I search for another one. I expect that companies owns websites today.

I search for a new house in the real estate database and I put my house in it. What did we without world wide web years before? I don´t know :- )

Best regards

10:33 AM Aug 30 2007 |




Thank You for you anwser, and i'm agree with you in nower day vwe even can learn english language, talk with foriegn peaple, all over the world, get brend news and resolve some issues (like send CV, find job, find workers) by internet.

11:00 AM Aug 30 2007 |



now when  the wirld become a agloble village modern technology like computer & internate hase become part & partial to our dally life.now whatever information we wana get can get at our  fingers tip just with in a seconds.all this is possible only b/c of vireless technology like internet,computer,cellphone etc

 in short the one who wana be up to date & excel in his/her field must must have knowhow of the modern technologies.

06:36 AM Jul 06 2008 |




IT is a truly globalized world, i have to call my counterparts in US, to tell then about status of work,and what they have to do that day. as a software engineer i owe my salary to the computer. i got my first computer 4 years ago.

07:28 AM Jul 06 2008 |