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Life Talk!

what are ur dreams??




what do you dream to do in ur lives?have you reached ur targets??do you think we can reach All of our dreams in this life,is it possible??

10:17 AM Sep 01 2007 |

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i wish i could reach all of my dreams in my life.

11:41 AM Sep 01 2007 |



oh dreamsSmile
i hope reach one of my dreams but i believe it is not impossible just be optimistic
and try hard
every one will have what he deserves

12:50 PM Sep 01 2007 |




Hello Zahra,  I am sure most of us have the same dreams – to be rich and to live forever, isn´t it like this?

I make a different between dreams and aims, this does not mean that dreams are always unrealistic for me – like being rich :- ) Some of my little dreams have got reality. One of my dreams was to live in our house near by a river – now I start the steps to make this to my daily reality. Most of my (business) aims were reached by me – I am proud of this. 

But I also have to recognize that I feel a change in my thinking – what is really important in (my) life and what lost its importance during the years of my life … For example some years ago it was important for me to drive the newest model of my car – now this is totally unimportant for me. I would like a good and a big car like I used to do since years, but it doesn´t matter, if it isn´t the newest model. Why? I don´t know … It gets more and more important to be healthy, to have a good partnership, to have a home, to spend time with my old parents – to show them my thankfulness for being help during all my bad times in life … 

Only in one part my coolness has to grow. It seems to be a necessity for me to own all shoes in the world I find nice … But I think: THIS is the dream of nearly all women :- ) Have a good night …

07:25 PM Sep 01 2007 |



My dream is to live happliy with my hubby for years n years…......

one more dream is there——i want to become a famous programmer

05:12 AM Sep 02 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

hi zahra

i hope that u r fine

i like whate tabetha said

dreem is diffrent from the aim


my dreem is to comlet my study  in newzlan

and i think it will hapen   ان شاء الله


02:15 AM Sep 03 2007 |




My dream is that all the people living on the earth could live in peace, harmony and happiness, without war, poverty, disease, cheating, lying.

02:43 AM Sep 03 2007 |




dream is beautiful,but the course which pursue the dream is more beautiful!

every one have dreams,and go to enjoy it!

03:07 AM Sep 03 2007 |