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Which smart phone do u recommend?!




Which smart phone do u recommend?! Cool

By the way ,does anyone use Motorola ME865?!  I’m wondering is it good or not?!

02:39 AM Jan 22 2012 |

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i hav HTC wildfire S..quite handy and stylish…the only prob is battery life..

04:25 AM Jan 22 2012 |




yeah, battery is a big problem. the bigger the screen the lower the battery life. 

The best in tests is Samsung Galaxy. On CNN you can see sometimes advertisements of Samsung Galaxy.

I have an Nokia N97. I like the N-Series cause it is very practical for the internet. 

It is very difficult to give you advice, cause i don´t know what you wanna do with your Smartphone. I took Nokia N-series cause i have a internet connection with my mobile phone and with the keyboard it is easy to answer e-mails. I Like the N-Series the most. But I have little experience with other mobile phones. When mobile phone business started nokia was the best, now it is Galaxy by samsung, but it costs a lot of money. some guys fancy IPhone but i know the most people are disappointed of IPhone, and it is very expensive, in buying and using

07:11 AM Jan 22 2012 |