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Life Talk!

Do u think are u brave ?!!


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

do you think youre brave ?!

if you think so tell me the reason and if no then why ?!

thanks for your replys before Laughing

10:22 AM Jan 27 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i didnt say im brave Kat , i i like to know what is your definition of being brave :) ?

thats why i made this question and im sure in this site they are many many brave person that i can learn from them :)

12:34 PM Jan 27 2012 |




 I’m brave!

Because, I like challenges… I don’t like to surrender at anything I know is attainable. But to answer your question I would like to define bravery with “being self-confident”. I’m not a lot : ) ...but I’m a very confident little bug!. that is knowing your own strength and your limits. The strength to carry on through difficulties; but also to have the strength to accept defeat and failure when it’s just; and rise above it. Bravery is strength and will, it’s carrying on and face all fears.

Being brave is to be the best of you

: )... hope those words can juice you up for today, if not try caffeine



02:05 PM Jan 27 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

what makes u feal fear ?!

and do you think being self confident is being brave ?!

05:43 PM Jan 27 2012 |




 I fear  of anything that can harm my loved ones,

and I fear of not to be able to help them, when they need me the most.

I also fear of  involving myself in anything that is life-threatening. But even when I feel fear I remain brave :  )

yes, I think self-confidence is a factor that can boost up bravery

( Interesting questions, : )

05:54 PM Jan 27 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

really thanks :) i like your answer :)

i tink being brave doesnt mean that u dont have any fear

but we should believe we can deal with fears :)

06:16 PM Jan 27 2012 |