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Urban leyends



Do you know about an urban legend in your country?

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04:35 PM Apr 09 2012 |

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In the city where I live, there is an abandoned hospital near the beach, the “Hospital Naturista” (Naturist Hospital in english) that it has been closed from decades.

It is well known that a rude nurse used to work there. She abused for many years of the patients ´till her dead: She fell many floors to the ground because of a malfunction in the elevator. Days later, patients started to see her walking around the rooms and even some claimed that they were assisted by her during the night shift… She changed from being mean to be a sweet nurse…

After the hospital was closed, there were reports of paranormal events happening inside related to the aparition of her ghostly figure or shadow walking around.

If it´s true or not, I don´t know… but it´s a common urban legend in my city. By the way, the nurse was known like “La planchada”... and there are many similar legends in other cities of Mexico.

04:47 PM Apr 09 2012 |



Oh my God, Saw, I’m really scaredSurprised

08:11 AM Apr 13 2012 |




Great topic! I like urban legends very. Please, try only to correct the title.

03:32 AM Apr 14 2012 |



My second comment is not here, oh my God, I’ve written a whole legend hereCry

06:02 AM Apr 14 2012 |