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Hi guys!

I just though it would be interesting to find out what the situation for women was in different cultures across the world. I have some general questions to get the discussion going:

1) Have womens' rights improved in your country over the last 10-20 years? 2) Do you think women should have the same rights as men? 3) Do you think women are happier now in the 21st century?

Thanks, Helen


06:04 PM Sep 10 2007 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

1) sure they did but not like the old women . i mean the sahabiyat they did a lot to improve the islam country in the past . she been a nurse to cure the injured people . also some of them had takenapart in the army . their aim was just to improve the islam country

2) ya . 7nd the islam did it (( what u r see or listen in the tv is not correct ))

3) no they did not even if everything is available

08:47 AM Sep 11 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


Social status of women have been improved in the past tens of years especially after the foundation of People's Republic of China in 1949.

Women have the same right to express themselves no matteron public occassions or in home affairs.But I am not sure about the situation in those remote places which are still underdeveloped.

Sexual discrimination still exits in jobs which is the same as many countries across the world. Some workplace won't employ a girl but they find some excuses to refuse the female applicants instead of speaking out the reason directly.But if a woman is in her period or she is pregnant, it is a fact that there will be many jobs don't suitable for her to do.

Undoubtedly, Women should have the same right as men.

In the 21 century, most women should feel happier than ever before. Because they are enjoying greater rights  than their grandmothers. They can decide whether to find a job or not, whether to marry this man or not, whether to have a baby or not, whether to play football or not, whether to wear  mini-skirt  or pants.

09:09 AM Sep 11 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


The question itself:"whether women and men is equal' expresses unfair.

Why people don't ask:"whether men should have the same right as women?"

09:11 AM Sep 11 2007 |




hey all

in my point of view. since men and women are different .i think their rights also should also be different.. i don't mean that men should have more rights or highier rights than men .BUT different ones

when women demand for  rights like men there will be something wrong .. they will get tired …they should know that they are made in different way than men physically, emotionally, and so on

these differences should be taken into consideration when forming womens' rights.  


03:01 PM Sep 11 2007 |

BCA 17

BCA 17



I think that in several places of the world the women's rights are on the bottom, many women are discriminating for the only fact of be an women, it is sad but it is the true. In my country I think there are no so much notice about that but, personally I like make value my rights not only like an woman if not also principally like a human. * The rights of the woman have to been respected in all the places. * The women are happier now than before?? mmm that is difficult to answer because definitively depends the place where they live but in my opinion I like to live on this time where you can express, you can comunicate, you can say what do you think, your likes and dislikes.. .. that is the important Cool

04:01 PM Sep 17 2007 |



Hi ¡!

Yes in my country women’s rights have improved over the last 10-20 years Now women have more freedom to do things than in the past for the society were wrong and women were discriminated for do it.

For example:

 To have a baby without get married

To live with a man without get married

 To say I am lesbian

To get a job for men.

To live alone, etc.

 The society is more open minded In these topics, of course the discrimination still alive but is less than 10-20years ago

So that now is a little better for women.

Nowadays in my country there are a good laws to protect women against the violence inside the family and the discrimination in the job, unfortunately many times laws are not applied. Frown

And I think women and men should have the same rights but I am not sure if the same obligations ( going to war ? I would’n like) .Undecided

 I am happy in this century, happiness is a personal decision but I have heard the depression is very common in these days, but I think that women should be happier in this century than in centuries ago because today we have more freedom.!! Laughing

10:25 PM Sep 17 2007 |

egyptian diva


In egypt, women have gained many rights in the last 10 years,although still is much needed to be done.
Women have the right now to become a judge and to ask the court to get her divorced from the husband.

03:29 PM Sep 18 2007 |




yeah here in turkey everybody has the same condititions…I am pleased that because woman deserve all which men deserve..

12:38 AM Sep 19 2007 |




Nicely put, I agree that the 21st century is a better time for the majority of women all over the world.

06:45 PM Sep 24 2007 |




My pleasure, I have really enjoyed hearing all of the responses to this thread.

06:46 PM Sep 24 2007 |