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Life Talk!

BEWARE!!!!! Of SCAMS!!!!!





There are a lot of scams, around the globe. If you receive an e-mail which is too good to be true. TRy to check that mail in  this site.  http://scamomatic.com/result.htm

don't be fooled by these people….. 


12:16 PM Sep 11 2007 |

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yeah,thank you for reminding me,i will be careful more.

01:43 PM Sep 11 2007 |





scam try to offer you such huge amount in dollars. They will ask for help, as if someone died in their family and they will receive an inheritance. However,  they need to run away coz someone might kill them bcoz of that money. THAT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! can you imagine, offering you a large amount and they don't even know you? They have ways to do such and this…..  who would be a crazy person, in trust their fortune to stranger… So be careful if you receive one. If you're hesitant, try to leave some message here or e-mail me, if you have some questions regarding on this…..

12:24 AM Sep 12 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


It's the national industry in Nigeria.Such a waste of time and bandwidth. Totally despicable. The 'love' letters are from the same crowd of losers. 

02:34 AM Sep 14 2007 |