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United States

I personally think Sec of State Clintons speech probably reflects the voice of most Americans. This is our first amendment, our First Law. Our government has no control over the words of our people. We expect our people to act like adults. We expect others to do likewise. Too bad that isn’t happening.

What will you do when the USA puts a large base in eastern Libya in response to this act of war? Isreal will be so safe they could disarm. Are all muslims positive it isn’t Jewish people leading these protests?

Perhaps you think Russia or China will be kinder. They both have thier own problems with Islam. Prime Minister Putin gave us the “I told you so” and invited us to join the suppression of Islamic radicals. Has anyone even SEEN this “movie” or is all of this because someone started it and no one involved is mature enough to think before they act?

Disgusting. And yet we STILLL allow you into our nations….and allow you to say things to us that you would kill us for saying to you. Do you think it’s LESS insulting to us for you to say Jesus was not God than for some idiot here (and one of YOUR people) to say Mohammad was not a prophet? Hypocrites.

04:23 PM Sep 14 2012 |

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United States

You’re welcome. Those suckers are a million dollars a piece. Did we send one to you? I didn’t know that. i thought we were using drones now because they are so much cheaper.

But you did kill us. You pretend that Muslims are not terrorists because only terrorists kill us, but in this case they are Muslim, if they are not, where is the outrage of the Billion for the blasphemy of these who would speak for Islam in defiance of ACTUAL Islam as has been made clear? It was made by people FROM there to anger people FROM there against people here. We are just easy to murder for you. It’s still spreading and you are still not stopping it. You say they don’t work under your orders but there ARE Islamic governments financing them. How is it different than you thinking we work for Isreal or they work for us?

You point out that in ten years we have lost over five thousand soldiers in Afghanistan while we have killed “hundreds of thousands” and yet still, killing is Muslims only diplomacy it seems. If you’ve tried anything else, tell me because I’ve never heard of that.

Of course the Zionists will be the only ones who benefit. Why do you think I keep asking if it’s Jews leading your protests. Neither of us face anything good in this but they gain a more determined ally. This protest, which despite your claims of dying down have spread into the Pacific, has lasted long after our apology. You have completely lost control of this thing you’ve started.

We have ALREADY lost our position in the world. We lost it long before Muslims started this. The only power we have left at all is military. Theres no other option than that or peace because we are already gone from our position in the world. We have no real power left, except our military, yet we are blamed and attacked as if we controlled others. Those days are long gone. Islam needs to see that. All we have is a strong fist. Talk to us. Try diplomacy. Don’t let whole nations inflame over the evil of one or two men. If you do, how can any regard you as in control of yourselves and your passions? Can every nation go insane if passions are inflamed or should the rest of us control ourselves?

Our weapons dont help us? You’ll kill us another way? We lost only a few thousand in Iraq, you claim we killed more than a million. We lose more than a few thousand here to murder in a couple of months. Our weapons do help us. They help us kill. So stop picking fights with us that you cannot win. There is no limit to how many we will kill. None. Japan refused to surrender in WWII in part because they doubted such lazy people could be so brutal. But lazy people ARE brutal. We are trying to do better but you must do you part. Stop attacking us. Besides, if you attack Isreal the destruction will be both nations which occupy the same land. Stop the threats. Try peace.

IF we put a base in Libya and I never said we would only that it would make strategic sense and you couldn’t stop us, well, its because you couldnt stop us. Not any more than you stopped the Italians or the Germans. I hope we wont but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve put bases where they weren’t wanted.  Our politicians know that. It would make them look strong. Just for a month or so, but thats all they need to take over. Now I sound partisan about American politics, I know and I wish I didn’t but our candidates are very different and I can’t understand why you would choose to support one who plans to attack andto  mock one some here suspect is a Muslim in practice. I hope you see wisdom in peace and not continued attacks over a movie, which few here still believe you are still insulted by because of the complete non-response of Muslims to our apologies or arrests or anything we’ve done to make this right by you. This just spreads further. Its only an excuse to attack us. Maybe it was more in July when Muslims first learned of it, but not now.

These fictional billion Muslims, the ones you say want peace, what is their role in this? They don’t care about us clearly or they’d take responsibility for the evil done in the name of Islam and by those claiming to speak for Islam when you say they don’t represent you at all. We are bigger than you, not smarter or more civilized. For civilized talk to France. Peace. Its our only hope. And it is MUSLIMS who are doing the attacking.

What money? We are 18 trilllion dollars in debt. We have no money. People here are broke completely. We got that way spending money to rebuild Iraq. That won’t happen a second time. We can’t afford it. We have left Iraq already and were supposed to leave Afghanistan two years ago. But there are evil among you know if we left Afghanistan what would they complain about? So they pretend to be on our side and then shoot our people in the back. Liars. They have lost all respect from the people here. No one here would care if we attacked them or not. No idea why you think we are still in Iraq. Watch the news. We want our people home. We wanted them home when the armies they defeated surrendered. Had the people there just gone on with life we’d have left long ago. But that wouldn’t give the evil among you anything to complain about.

As long as Iran is threatening Isreal with nuclear destruction and playing childs games about verification of its nuclear program, Iran isn’t safe. That’s not me, thats every politician in America. None have ever said otherwise.

My nation is already down. Most here believe that like the Soviets in 1990, we are close to civil war. You can’t make us MORE down, but we can take you with us. Stop attacking us. We will kill millions to save hundreds if the hundreds are ours and the millions are not. You play a dangerous game. We are no more civilized than the Libyans. Just better armed.

You are very much mistaken if you think we care about the war dead of our enemies. Ask anyone we have ever fought. They’ve never shown us mercy and except for our treatment of Muslims, we’ve never shown them mercy either. If you want to play war games, you wll have to play by our rules. We win by high body counts. And if the body counts get high enough we will no longer care because we’ll all be dead. Stop using violence to gain political ends.

Muslims threaten us. We only state what will happen if they carry out the threats they make. Maybe Muslims should try peace. Real peace not just ”no one attack the muslims while they arm themselves against us” peace which is all we’ve EVER had in my lifetime. Yes, I generalize. because the Muslims I know are Godly and thoughtful people so I must speak of some other kind that isn’t them. Also, though these evil people claim to be Muslm and some are offended that we too call them that, only true Muslims can see false Muslims. Only they can stop this, if we even try all we could do was put the innocent with the guilty until someone shows us a better way.

09:43 PM Sep 17 2012 |



United States

And in an “I hope Muslims read this because we are ALL tired of hearing this complaint” vein. If you don’t want us to have your oil stop selling it to us. There are plenty of nations with oil for sale. We’ve never taken ONE INCH of Muslim land for the oil. The price of oil doubled here when Iraqi’s werent in charge of it. What do you think makes us better than you on Oil Drilling? For the profits? The profits dont come to us. BP is BRITISH Petroleum! And all of those companies are too large and wealthy for us to control even if we DID have the ability. Large corporations are actually more powerful than my nation. Sad. It’s your oil. if you don’t want them to take it, follow Irans excellent example and do it yourself. It actually makes our gasoline CHEAPER here. You cut out the middle man.

For your knowledge Big Oil (what we here call them) is very republican. Think Bush and Romney. Big Healthcare is very democrat. (Obama and Clinton) and the democrats and the republicans are pretty much our only choice. You are helping to get a republican elected here. For four years my govt has screwed up my healthcare. Maybe you want them to go back to screwing up petroleum? Study us before you accuse us. Your leaders lie like rugs if what you say is what they tell you.

10:33 PM Sep 17 2012 |




Dear Wobbly, first of all I will suggest to you to take a rest from your TV for few days; because your media is making your blood pressure high and making your tone irrational and inhuman.

Don’t you think that’s the height of decadence to know the price of missile but don’t know how many children, women, and old people it kill. :(

Regarding drones: who is the judge, who is the jury, and who are the witnesses. You know in legal term these are extra judicial murders. And in your tone I feel that murderer.

If every country take responsibility of its citizen and every country secure itself from inside traitors than there will be a no chance for any terrorist neither at your side nor somebody else. Gone are the days of medieval dominations, forget about that era.

 If each side takes care of their internal affairs there will be fewer chances for misunderstanding.  And the same is true for Muslim governments to ensure law and order at any cost. Absence of writ of the government shows mismanagement; and that is simply weakness.  I feel many time protestors old grievances are more dominant during protests rather new ones; not only grievances from your government but also grievances from their own.

What diplomacy while we all know extra judicial activities of your government reaching to its highest point. What more ironic not only from the part of your government but also from the part of their own government, can you feel the agony of them. You should if you don’t!

Don’t make your military everything because too much expectation is fatal for your faith. Creator is greater than you and your country. Plus concentration on one aspect is making your country deprived of hundred more ways for securing high place in world, I.e. China.

Control of passion starts with your fist, and check evil doers at your own home before stepping into diplomacy in somebody else.

Can every nation go insane if passions are inflamed or should the rest of us control ourselves? 

I agree, everyone needs to control its passion; for passion is enemy of life and belongings.

So stop picking fights with us that you cannot win. There is no limit to how many we will kill….       

If you think that you will make us fear of your country by showing us your score of killing, frankly, forget about that; death is the least thing we fear.

Besides, if you attack Israel the destruction will be both nations which occupy the same land. Stop the threats. Try peace.

Iran has the right to keep deterrence for Iran’s survival, and stopping Iran from that will be like making Iran slave of Israel; if you people can keep, if Israel can keep, than everyone can keep, and they must keep; for you already mentioned evil by showing again your past brutality in Japanese case, and giving threats to the world again. If you people were not reliable once than how can be second time. I agree. So, your country is not capable to keep that facility rather pin pointing some other.

IF we put a base in Libya and I never said we would only that it would make strategic sense and you couldn’t stop us, well, its because you couldnt stop us.

Yes we don’t, but God can!    

I hope you see wisdom in peace and not continued attacks over a movie, which few here still believe you are still insulted by because of the complete non-response of Muslims to our apologies or arrests or anything we’ve done to make this right by you.

Well, thank you for showing us mentality at your side; first you play your full round of threats and then demands for a peace, no my dear this kind of rubbish don’t work.

This just spreads further. Its only an excuse to attack us.

They are not doing it in your lands but their own; so what’s the problem, do you think they are your slaves?

10:31 AM Sep 18 2012 |



United States


I got nothing left to say my friend. I just don’t care to hear the excuses any longer. Its been a week. They are just excuses. Im not sure how you think you attacking us makes you our slaves. I don’t even care any more. It doesn’t matter what we say or do.

This is from that article:

Authorities in Bangladesh have blocked the YouTube website indefinitely to stop people seeing the video. Pakistan and Afghanistan have also blocked the site

As I’ve said, we don’t need laws allowing my govt to stop this because we believe people should act like adults. We aren’t the ones watching it so a law preventing it isn’t needed here. Maybe you should try teaching responsibility instead of whatever it is you teach now.

My dear you say this incorrectly:

Well, thank you for showing us mentality at your side; first you play your full round of threats and then demands for a peace, no my dear this kind of rubbish don’t work.

Actually, FIRST my president apologized that my nation was used as a place to make this film. THEN we play the full round of threats and THEN demand peace. But FIRST we apologized. Like you asked. Before this went on to murder people around the world. You don’t want an apology, you want to murder. At least be correct about the facts that were broadcast live on television all over the world.

12:19 PM Sep 18 2012 |




But my Dear friend, you were not playing the role of fire extinguisher rather in your previous post you were more acting like war enthusiast. I know your limitations and I know my limitations. But at least we both can use our limitations in positive ways. I have tried not to uttered something about which I feel myself criminal in the home of my consciousness. Neither you control whole humanity nor I. I wish God send some love that we all feel for one another.

02:14 PM Sep 18 2012 |



United States

whatever. THIS post started on the 14th. That was three days after the murders began. Go back to the beginning when I was still stupidly believing peace was possible with Islam. My very first post on the subject came after my President had apologized as you wished, and after you had ignored that apology and continued the destruction and death. I have no  power at all. I only point to your hypocrisy. My president DID apologize first, THEN came threats and pleas for peace. Read the comments at the bottom of the link I sent. I am not your problem here. You are.

03:19 PM Sep 18 2012 |




I only point to your hypocrisy.

What hypocrisy? I only gave answers to the question you posed in the beggining, in the middle, and in the end; if you don’t want to listen from me, tell me I will stop. 

Do you think you control your country or I send people to protest rallies?

The fact is that overwhelming majority (including myself) don’t attend any protest rally ever in life, because it is useless thing to do; where emotion starts to speak mind stops to work. 

Don’t speak like omnipotent, Islam is not surviving because of your country or my country or anybody else country, the One who is making it survive is more BIGGER than any country or any person. If some Muslim think they are protecting their religion they are wrong, They don’t, God does!
Mongol killed nearly all adult population during their conquest, and you know next generations of Mongols themselves converted to Islam.  

Second fact: Our government stop such rallies before it flow into protective area alloted for embassies. Many people died since last few days due to our police securing your embassies.

Third fact: Did you know what happen in the case of Raymond Devis? Although not having deplomatic immunity our government released him on US pressure without doing justice to our soil. What will be your views if he was from Pakistan and did the same in your country?

Forth fact: please read this article yourself, this is not from any muslim country but from your country:


06:58 PM Sep 18 2012 |



United States

I apologize my friend. As English has a Royal We, it has a plural You. I don’t mean you personally. We have spoken apart from here and I know you to be a man whose love of God I don’t doubt, like that of the Muslims I do know, which is unlike the ones we see on tv who yell hatred. In this case “you” doesn’t mean you, although the “I” means me. The “you” is Islamic people and nations in the general sense. My first post here was Ms. Clintons (our secretary of state) speech, which spoke my feelings eloquently.

When speaking globally in English, it sounds omnipotent. How would you (personally this time) express the actions of thousands or more? Speaking in the third person might work to avoid sounding omnipotent, but thats pretentious and confusing and pretty much only done by dorks and speechmakers. There were almost 5000 responses posted in that link. What you (personally) see as me (personally) speaking for my people is actually me (personally) summing up what is said. You can read it for yourself, you can watch our media online. I do not lie to you. (personal me, personal you). But we, the US, are very angry and you, Islamic nations and peoples, keep making this worse. This is no longer a protest, this is Muslims trying to make Americans as angry as they are. But what two people that angry can hope to avoid conflict?

For my last time. my personal opinion here doesn’t differ from Ms. Clinton’s speech. I think she spoke wisely. But she isn’t the only voice here.

Please accept my personal apologies for implying that you were unGodly. I know you and I know you are not. I have met no Muslims here whose faith I would question. But they must be out there somewhere because I do wonder about those who are now killing citizens around the world of all races, nationalities, and religions, and all in the name of Islam, just because they are angry an Egyptian made a video.

I like your link. Ron Paul speaks like me, or I speak like him, but actually we both just speak from American law and history. People like us used to be the majority here. No longer. Though he is precisely right in my opinion he received less than 10% support when he ran for President. I voted for him but to no avail. Mr. Pauls father is also named Ron Paul and ran for president back in 1992. He had no luck either but his words are worth hearing also. It’s a good link, but it’s no longer the majority view here. My nation has been usurped by lawyers and voices like Mr Pauls are fewer and fewer. I only wish he had more influence. I know nothing whatsoever of the man you mention. Is it Devis or Davis?

07:35 PM Sep 18 2012 |



United States

I found him. Raymond Davis. I found this link from the UK


I always thought diplomatic protections apply to any who work for the embassy, but diplomatic immunity applies only to the actual diplomats. That’s what they told me in civics class any how.

08:47 PM Sep 18 2012 |





Paul..Paul..Paul!! IT’s time to make things more clear…

I think it’s better first for americans to get own from the high tower that ur geovernment n media built for u..

Come on in here..n plz dont let the anger blind ur eyes!!

Politics must not b our game coz it’s much muh bigger than us!

Plz Paul..Notice that Libya has just came out from a war..n u know how can it b in such countries..New government n ppl  r not totally awake from the Choc of the destruction n the quick change of their daily life..

Also..Al kaddafi-the ex libyan president-had his big family..his friends..n ppl who r still think that it would b better if he’s still alive coz for them he was a good president…Few or many…They wanned to give the hunt back to US coz it helped to kill him…The film is just a pretext to  cover their crime..they wont find better than this time n this mess       for their revenge.

It more complicated than u think..Believe me..US is not the Angle in this story..n it is never abt just this film,no..it’s so much bigger…!!

So plz,abt protecting others from terrorrists.. dont compare again between ur country which is stable n Libya or other countries who live under fire..it will never b the same thing!!

09:20 PM Sep 18 2012 |