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United States

I personally think Sec of State Clintons speech probably reflects the voice of most Americans. This is our first amendment, our First Law. Our government has no control over the words of our people. We expect our people to act like adults. We expect others to do likewise. Too bad that isn’t happening.

What will you do when the USA puts a large base in eastern Libya in response to this act of war? Isreal will be so safe they could disarm. Are all muslims positive it isn’t Jewish people leading these protests?

Perhaps you think Russia or China will be kinder. They both have thier own problems with Islam. Prime Minister Putin gave us the “I told you so” and invited us to join the suppression of Islamic radicals. Has anyone even SEEN this “movie” or is all of this because someone started it and no one involved is mature enough to think before they act?

Disgusting. And yet we STILLL allow you into our nations….and allow you to say things to us that you would kill us for saying to you. Do you think it’s LESS insulting to us for you to say Jesus was not God than for some idiot here (and one of YOUR people) to say Mohammad was not a prophet? Hypocrites.

04:23 PM Sep 14 2012 |

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United States

Ok, new thing to wonder- Do we even need politicians for anything more than highway planning, general law enforcement, keeping the lights on etc? They keep acting like this is 1912. Like we don’t get information as fast as they do and we aren’t as smart and well educated as they are. They should be more like our hired hands than our rulers.

09:29 PM Sep 19 2012 |




How do you say “you” when you don’t mean me personally, you mean some group to which I belong, and you are adressing me personally, but you only mean it in the “crowds” sense? 

Depends what we are saying in ongoing context, sometimes context refer it to singular ‘you’ and sometimes to group ‘you’.

Did you listen to the Romney tape?

No, I don’t, and my prejudice for politicians is not confined to yours but as well to those who claim to be leaders at our side. But I’m getting some idea about Mr. Romney, if I am not mistaken he is an oil advocate and don’t care about internal affairs and reformation (health care) in your country, and that’s why he thinks 47% are burden on the economy. Don’t think that I as person happy about prevailing conditions of a common person at your side. No, I am not, but you people have to think about what are reasons of this downfall. And we have to think about ours. I further agree common person has nothing to do with war neither at your side nor at our side. These are the parasites at both sides that are war advocates – not people. Common person only aim for a good life. But common person is often subject to manipulation, because common person trust on a wrong person that we name politician, and that wrong person knows all available loopholes in the basic structure of thier common men.  We common men need to know more about politicians because we entrust our fate in their hands. 

How else can you tell who believes and who doesn’t? Even Jimmy Swaggart fooled people for a long while, how much worse if the law required pretending to believe?

I agree, we don’t know intentions of people in authority,  but at least we have brains to separate water from oil, that’s why we say: Do what preacher preache good but don’t do what preacher practice evil.  :)

10:46 AM Sep 20 2012 |




He US doesn’t BUY your leaders. The EXACT SAME PEOPLE who BOUGHT the LEADERS of the USA are buying your leaders.

I totally agree, politicians are puppets playing in the hands of corporate leadership that ultimately takes benefit from wars. For instance; who owns arms and weapon factories? Who owns big oil? And finally we have to further know about links of political leadership with these big corporations that ruins peace and stability of whole world. In reality only 2% elitist control our world, and these 2% elitist are danger to everyone, and the rest is just a fiction. 

11:09 AM Sep 20 2012 |



United States

You and I are in agreement I think on these emails. Its almost like the ancient times when regular, common, people just wanted to go to work and raise our families but the wealthy and ambitious rulers among both sides thought we need to go to war every summer for reasons they thought more important than our lives and families. I think they still do so. I think you and I agree. At least I think you understand me. I hope I understand you as well.

And you know enough about the Romney tape. What arrogance. But this is the man who got off the airplane in England and immediately told them they weren’t ready for the Olympics.

03:07 PM Sep 20 2012 |




Hello, Wobbly Joe! 

So far we agreed on many things and I hope we will continue to learn from one another. 

He succeeded, but they are weapons, he succeeded using your blood. Islamic hero spending Islamic blood.

Here I have a little difference of opinion; first of all there is a consensus among all Muslims that 9/11 is a conspiracy against Islam. 9/11 damaged our soul more than yours. No two views about happening of 9/11 (as it was obvious on TV screens all over the world), but the way it happened raise many questions: We admit for the sake of getting into facts that these 19 evil people were from a party we name Al-Qaida but a burning question arise in a simple mind that how in high standard USA on 11 September, 2001, 19 hijackers of different nationalities succeeded in getting four planes hijacked from four different airports? How could it became possible without inside hand? If that kind of phenomenon never happened in the world most backward countries (US security budget per annum is more than fiscal budget of average third world country) how did it happen in USA?  Why US government allocated such a slim budget for 9/11 investigations (less than US president cost to US tax payers) while your country lavishly contributed US$ 6 trillion in the search of Osama Bin Laden? Don’t you think this is a high time for Americans to have a look for inside traitors that created melancholia around the world? While we all know who was Bin Laden and who trained him into a lethal weapon of mass destruction, if back those days he was Islamic hero, he was also yours hero, than how come after 9/11 he is not yours and still ours? While again there is consensus among Muslim that ideology of Al-Qaida is directly in contradiction with basics of Islam; for they quote out of context references from sacred texts.  

Don’t you feel a link between Al-Qaida and inside traitors? In crime cases criminologist take into consideration ultimate benefactor, Okay, now see, our part of world suffered in terms of lives plus belongings, while your side also suffered in terms of soldiers lives and global positioning, don’t you think those who thrived like fat cows in this whole war period are ultimate benefactors?  And still they are looking for creation of issues that will further help them to milk their war-cow. These same corporations turned their ears deaf and their eyes blind to those 19 hijackers on 9/11.  There is also a link between think tank that gives analysis to policy makers; feels like they serving two opposites at the same time.

9/11 case need to be reopened again to get into things in shadow because it is playing on your nerves as well ours but this time it need to be reopened to find inside traitors.

As we have saying: Inside enemies damage you more than outside enemy. 

P.S: I haven’t borrowed anything from any cospiratory theorist but still these observations are creating doubts in simple minds. 

09:23 AM Sep 21 2012 |



United States

They may have hurt you and your soul, but they were attacking us. They got through because we had little in the way of security before 9/11. Here, as I keep saying, we expect people to act like adults. Back then we didnt realize some cant. That’s how they got in. No inside help unless it was another member of al Queda. And I’m pretty positive we spent more than 400 thousand on the investigation. We didn’t spend six trillion looking for Obama, we spent six trillion warring with Afghanistan. If we had found that heathen on the first day it would have cost us less than a million. Who told you bin Laden was a hero to us? Before the attacks most of us had never heard of him. Thats why he attacked, to become a world hero to Muslims. We trained a man we thought wanted to rid his country of invaders. He repaid us by attacking planeloads of innocents along with previous attacks. No hero here ever. No idea why you think he is. By inside traitors do you mean Muslims here? Because if thats your question then yes, i do feel betrayed by them.  And if its the false Muslims who cause all the trouble, where are the true Muslims? They make excuses but take no action.

We have investigated 9/11. Twice. Just because a man makes a movie doesnt make it true. 9/11 involved no consipiracy that wasn’t Islamic in claim or unknown to me entirely. My govt had nothing to do with it. At worst they failed to recognize warnings. The simple are easily fooled but if their foolishness could be corrected they wouldnt remain simple. Right?



01:33 PM Sep 21 2012 |



United States

reading over again I add that I don’t for a moment believe my government had anything to do with 9/11. Those who say so give them too much credit. How will they do such a thing when they’ve never managed to do anything else the way they planned? It might have been a conspiracy against Islam, maybe by corporations maybe by those who profit from Terror (I mean OBL here, not some American politician it’s been easy to accuse) OBL boasted of this evil. He never even hinted that we were involved. On the other hand, may I again recommend Smedly Butlers book? Now THAT I do think is happened. The book the Next Hundred Years also claims with merit that the rich of the world keep the rest of us in perpetual struggle while they profit from our misery. I don’t rule out either conspiracy. I do adamantly reject that the US govt had anything to do with it. I would be furious of those loud incompetents could pull off an attack and coverup but can’t stop the disintegration of my nation into the Rich and me. Ok, and those like me. I truly don’t believe any government that isn’t already a single person dictatorship could pull off an attack that complex. Nothing claimed by those who claim conspiracy is unanswered to a level that would cause me doubt. What do you find suspicious? 

Had the Taliban tried OBL for his crimes, even under Sharia law, we wouldn’t have even spent the million going to Afghanistan to pick him up. If the mainstream Muslims of the world would actually fairly enforce law for all, we’d be less suspicious of Islam. Christian law has no punishment worse than Shunning, so the idea of killing people after church is unknown to us. But if OBL had been fairly tried, and punished according to your law regarding such things, I don’t think we’d be talking about it now. Sharia law isn’t my law, but if it had been fairly followed, I think Americans would have repected the decision of the courts there. But that didnt happen. And I reported myself here trying to hit the edit button and hitting the report button instead. Dangit.

Salam. It’s Friday afternoon here. I’m going fishing.

Oh and Melancholia. The word means as you’ve used it but in the US it’s a pretty tame word. I don’t think it has a meaning apart from it’s medical meaning. Spreading melancholia isn’t much of an accusation. Its got to be similar in severity to spreading ennui.

05:22 PM Sep 21 2012 |




Sallam Wobbly! Oh, great fishing is great time pass, have you got some? 

Okay, let’s do some more fishing :)

edit because we had little in the way of security before 9/11.

Think again, even little was enough to find guns that those 19 were hiding somewhere. Security checking is not a new concept rather as old as my age.  

edit – No inside help unless it was another member of al Queda.

Not getting them properly through simple security procedure was equally motivated help (Rather more severe). One can think negligence in one instance but on that day there were four. Not even 4 rather 19. This is too much to swallow. 

And 400 thousand is nothing for investigation of world biggest security lapse.  

Edit- who told you bin Laden was a hero to us? Before the attacks most of us had never heard of him.

There are video clips in which your presidents and high officials calling these warriors front line defenders of US.  

Admit it, your presidents and high officials were telling that on live interviews and speeches, we too had never heard of Osama before 9/11 or we had but that’s other thing that we often forgot newspaper and TV news, we often take it like a fast food or tissue paper but what to do one cannot whitewash archives of video clips and newspapers as we can find them often beneath the piles of junks. Do some research and it will inform you; if not in public but he was hero in the inner circles of your government.

Edit – By inside traitors do you mean Muslims here?

Exactly that was the response of Bush on that day (even before any investigations). If you set in your mind some specific group what will be the authenticity of investigations?  I don’t say Al-Qaida was not there but those who helped them to got through airport security by acting blind were much bigger criminals.

edit – And if its the false Muslims who cause all the trouble, where are the true Muslims?

There are no false Muslims or real Muslims; there are criminals or law abiding citizens; and the same is true for others.

Investigate without prejudice,  put them on blind proof trial, and those found guilty, hang them!

That will be justice, and no one is above the law. 

05:50 PM Sep 21 2012 |



United States

They didnt have guns. Guns would have been stopped of course. But in my culture most guys used to carry pocketknives. Not weapons just string cutters but most guys had one. The law allowed up to a four inch main blade to be carried anywhere except places like jails. They used boxcutters, those cheap things that store clerks use with the standard razor blade inside. They pretended they were in line for the front and back toilets then ambushed and cut the throats of the flight and cabin crews. Since all the airplanes were in the air for quite a while, there were scores of passengers on the phone with loved ones describing the scene in the airplanes. We knew they were some kind of Middle Easterner before the last plane hit the ground. We do have security. Always did. Our mistake was thinking grown men would act like grown men. Now we can no longer carry pocketknives in most places. Like children. It was somehow our fault that we expect adults to behave as adults. Even our criminals don’t do that sort of thing. It was unique and we lost freedoms as a result. Another stated OBL goal.

They didn’t need to sneak through security. We were a free people then, we were allowed to carry small knives since it wouldn’t have occurred to us to think of such as a weapon in the hands of normal people. And a boxcutter even moreso. Anyone who works unpacking boxes has a box cutter. They are flat and small and not uncomfortable to carry in the role of string cutter pocketknife (you know what I mean) and many store clerks carry one in a back pocket.  

400 thousand IS nothing. Which is why when you said we spent that on our investigation I said I doubt it. I would think it was closer to 50 million but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was twice that. They put in a LOT of work going through that event. And it was looked at by friend and foe alike. My govt had nothing to do with those events except to not notice them in time.

I call you on a consistency foul! Smile You can’t point out that politicians here lie and then think some one thing they said was true. Whoever said that was talking to an audience. Watch a state of the union address on Youtube. I can’t remember a politician getting through a speech without dropping the names of people to the audience. I have no doubt that was said. But we still didn’t know who he was. From what I know now though, when he was fighting with the Mujahideen he was someone our CIA went to as a good leader and strategist. Doesn’t make him a hero, even if a politician said so. He was attacking us within a couple years of the Soviet pull out so no, he was never anything but a pestilence here.  The first time most Americans had heard of OBL was after his attack.

you say:

There are no false Muslims or real Muslims; there are criminals or law abiding citizens; and the same is true for others.

in your world maybe. here there is no connection. one is religion one is secular. If I claimed to be Muslim I would be a False Muslim because I am not Muslim and no Muslim would recognize my worship as Islamic worship. If you claimed it and others of your faith recognized your worship as Muslim worship, you would be a True Muslim because you are a Muslim that any Muslim would say “oh yeah him, hes one of us.” Even athiests are expected to be law abiding. What I mean by saying its up to you is that it would be far easier for me to tell you that someone calling themselves Christian might not be respected as such by many Christians. Like Jimmy Swaggart. Have YOU ever heard him preach? I have. So I’m in a better position than you to warn, right? Please no one rush to Swaggarts defense. I only say what is known publically. Defrocked and put out.


Investigate without prejudice, put them on blind proof trial, and those found guilty, hang them!

We would have, if the Taliban had surrendered them to justice. They sheltered him instead.


That will be justice, and no one is above the law.

Except OBL who lived as a free man until the day he died.  


Remember those who knew OBL, the ones who likely called him hero, were the ones involved in Iran Contra. They were disgraced here.

09:29 PM Sep 21 2012 |




Okay, dear, here some more:

If the mainstream Muslims of the world would actually fairly enforce law for all, we’d be less suspicious of Islam.

I totally agree with you, and you are right, Muslims world is also responsible for mistrust, but again who control Muslim leadership, you know better than me.

Here in Pakistan we have lawlessness since wars in our boardering Afghanistan (if you want to know my view) what to do with laws when there is no implementation. Corruption, favoritism and nepotism are the legal currency in our society (unfortunately).

Let see what our voters will do in next election. 

Had the Taliban tried OBL for his crimes, even under Sharia law, we wouldn’t have even spent the million going toAfghanistan to pick him up.

Many delegations from Pakistan headed towards them; military generals, distinguish religious scholars, according to my information Taliban were agreed on OBL’s third country trial, but that was rejected by your government, your government was not ready for anything less than handover of OBL. Due to adamant response from Taliban leadership Pakistan government decided to be US ally on the war against terrorism; but now-a-days both are playing Tom and Jerry with one another :)) 

Second version states that Taliban and OBL already estimated UD$ 6 trillion would flow to Afghanistan, For your information hundreds of politicians and warlords turned into multi-millionaires because of this war, not only them but American contractors, turned into billionaires. You know Karzai, his family has nothing less worth than 10-20 billions. 

You want to hear something more; even politicians, generals and bureaucrats in Pakistan gained millions in bribes. 

There was boom in the profits of arms factories at your side, you know those politicians who are owner of arms and weapon business (or shareholders/partners), so they too were happy for this war.

In short:

Who ultimately gained from this war? Global Elitist!

Who are ultimate losers: Common men!

08:38 AM Sep 22 2012 |