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United States

I personally think Sec of State Clintons speech probably reflects the voice of most Americans. This is our first amendment, our First Law. Our government has no control over the words of our people. We expect our people to act like adults. We expect others to do likewise. Too bad that isn’t happening.

What will you do when the USA puts a large base in eastern Libya in response to this act of war? Isreal will be so safe they could disarm. Are all muslims positive it isn’t Jewish people leading these protests?

Perhaps you think Russia or China will be kinder. They both have thier own problems with Islam. Prime Minister Putin gave us the “I told you so” and invited us to join the suppression of Islamic radicals. Has anyone even SEEN this “movie” or is all of this because someone started it and no one involved is mature enough to think before they act?

Disgusting. And yet we STILLL allow you into our nations….and allow you to say things to us that you would kill us for saying to you. Do you think it’s LESS insulting to us for you to say Jesus was not God than for some idiot here (and one of YOUR people) to say Mohammad was not a prophet? Hypocrites.

04:23 PM Sep 14 2012 |

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Oh, my, now these claims of razor and blades with those evil 19 is even more ridiculous, do you believe such fantasy? In 200-300 plus passanger aircraft 5 person with razors… 

I am not sure mobiles work while flight is in the air or it is not allowed in most of the planes or they blocked signals, at least not with me, I had travelled hundred of times but I don’t remember a single time I got connected … all these things are vague. Or at least Perception is not taking it clearly.


Thanks for your recomendation of Smedly Butlers book; I’ve searched his titles; are you talking about, “War is a Racket”? 

Sure, I will like to have one on this sunday, if available.

09:03 AM Sep 22 2012 |



United States

I am. Smedly Butler was a US general of Marines and a real hero to us. I wasn’t alive back then but dishonorable men don’t get to be generals in the US Marines. Plus theres no indication of falsity that I’m aware of in his lifetime. So, I think he’s right. And I think it’s whats really going on. What he describes from a hundred years ago is still happening, only more subtly.

Follow along again here. I believe it about 9/11 because its true. You don’t believe it because you think 200 people (which plane had 200-300 people on it? you tell me which one) could stop them. Like Shamgar was stopped long ago, except Shamgar slew thousands with the jaw of an ass, and Shamgar wasn’t stopped eithers. The fact is, one man with a blade, some skill and no way to flank him can kill as many as there are. Horatio at the gates if you will. They didn’t HAVE to take the passengers in the open. They only had to kill the first guy in line up the aisle. And once bloody bodies were piled that kind of stopped. Remember this was the first time your terrorists had killed a plane load of people during a hijacking. We were trained (back then I worked for an airline) to cooperate with the terrorists on the plane and let the people on the ground negotiate. And you are really being insulting on this. What you say is so untrue and yet, you don’t seem to care either. It is the stereotype you know. Truth means nothing to an arab. Have you listened to those calls from the planes which were recorded? People dying dont usually lie about who did it. I don’t know anything about the crappy cell phones where you are. Here they work. And they work on planes. And the planes also have them. And those also work.

This is so insulting I am finished with it. You can’t find truth with anyone who seeks only to lie.    

03:43 PM Sep 22 2012 |




Even if I agree on all above, still airport security and air defense are standing big question marks, (combined with early warnings)? While some of the daring investigators of 9/11 objected the authenticity of mobile calls. I am not going in detail, but many aspects of that event are still in shadow. Sorry for my typo, I meant 200-300 passengers in all; and 19 of them hijackers.

Well, I am not the only one, many think like that; in your country and across the globe. And this doesn’t make someone insulting.

Canadian researcher A. K. Dewdney attributes this event to virtual hijacking:


And here from Paul Schreyer, a Freelance journalist:



If you remember I already mentioned people like Raymond Davis; here we have thousands of them, as a lethal gift from CIA; they speak like us and they quote from Holy Scriptures like authority in our belief, and at the same time they hire people at our side for terrorism, and for creating chaos, to demoralize whole country.

This is not a new pattern; for this pattern was already adopted in ww1, ww2, and wars after ww2. This 4th GWF is not an Arab invention rather most effective tool of Imperialists. 

10:05 AM Sep 24 2012 |



United States

It is insulting. It’s been 11 years. The truth is widely available. Movies like “In Plane Sight”, “Farenheit 9/11” and “Loose Change” are pretty unscientific (if you consider history a science, the methodology of the film makers fails to meet standards beyond supposition maintained in the face of evidence) Nothing you’ve mentioned hasn’t been disproven by independent researchers. The movies you mentioned were made for consumption abroad and by conspiracy theorists here. They are crap and so are suppositions they make which raise the questions you think are out there. They aren’t. This has been looked at in a hundred responsible ways. Even 300 people in four airplanes is 60 per average. Not so many for four or five armed and trained men. Especially if they started out by slashing throats. Ever seen a slashed throat? The blood goes everywhere. Huge hot mess. You think regular a.m. (morning) passengers (not trained kung fu commandos, people travelling) are going to jump over the bodies and engage these men? We had always been told to co operate and let the pros negotiate. The last plane, knowing what was coming by the cell phones they used to talk to people on the ground, rushed the cockpit and crashed the plane in the fight. No fakes here except the questions you raise after 11 years. 11 years. Truth is out there, look for it. Men like Michael Moore have made many millions filming lies and claiming they are brilliant unanswered questions. These were meant to be shown to Muslims. Thats where he made his millions. Just like the movie insulting Islam, it really is legal to make any stupid thing you want to make here. They did. You believe. That’s sad. You believe this crap at your own risk of looking silly. I am done with this discussion. If you won’t even try to see truth, I only tire my fingers. You’ll never believe me and after 11 years clearly have no desire to find scientific studies. And Canada? Hardly across the globe. The majority of Canadians live within 40 miles of our border. There is less difference between my accent and a Canadian accent than between my accent and a New Yorkers. Until the first attack we didn’t need passports and neither did they. Canada is hardly across the Globe. This “canadian researcher” might just as well have been an “american researcher” we have thousands who live here who are “UFO researchers”. It’s not illegal to be stupid here. Just like that preacher in Fla. Just because some idiot says it, doesn’ t mean you have to listen.

and for the record, again I tell you, I carried the same swiss army knife aboard airplanes thousands of times when I worked for an airline back then. It’s not suspicious they got knives aboard, it was legal back then. This was so evil it never occurred to us adults would do such a thing. And yes, had our  intelligence services not been so tangled we might have figure it out. That is why we combined them all into Homeland Security which has saved our lives  from repeated attacks by Islamic-claiming terrorists since. And “free lance journalist” means no one has hired him and no one checks his facts. Like a wiki reporter.

I don’t know what GWF means.

01:14 PM Sep 24 2012 |



United Kingdom

I think Saladeen unfortunately illustrates how uninformed people (Bush caused 911, Israel controls US foreign policy), both in Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world are. (I’ll make the cheap point that Pakistanis seem to ‘know’ all this, but yet did not know the world’s most wanted terrorist was hiding in their backyard, next to one of their most important military bases. Irony bites)

Particularly we seem to notice how nothing good seems to ever come out of Pakistan, which by and large seems to a failed state governed by fundamentalist Islamic laws, including those against blasphemy.

04:31 PM Sep 24 2012 |



United Kingdom

As for my comments on this whole thing, I think its ridiculous. People protesting over a stupid film. Even more, as was said, this film became famous due to the attention certain groups in the Islamic world brought to it, for instance the Islamic media station that brought it to attention in Egypt.

For my mind, they have every right to protest. They have every right to boycott American products. They can, in theory, do anything they possibly want in reaction to this movie, this cartoon, this politician or figure… Short of harming people or damaging their property and safety.

They have this right, whether they have a point or not. If people decide to come out and protest the bad weather, they should have a right to do so.

Here’s where we misunderstand each other:

Tenets of Western civilization, namely seperation of church and state, along with freedom of speech are not understood in the Islamic world. Therefore to me, as it may seem to others here, the basis of their argument (“Free speech is fine, just not insults and blasphemy”) to me sounds like Chinese. Perhaps just as seperation of religion and freedom of speech sounds to them, especially in the form of me answering: “YES, blasphemy is indeed a right.” “Burning religious books is a right” 

(I still find it funny how they nevertheless consider it acceptable to burn other nation’s flags, to some, very important and semi-sacred symbols of their identity)

Another point:

It isn’t clear that the ambassador was killed in response to this movie, and it has been said that it must have been planned a long time before.

Even so, the reaction by Libyans was quite considerable. Many joined the body as it was carried through the streets and there were condemning what happened. As of 2 days ago, massive protests and violence by people forced the islamic militias out of the city.

04:33 PM Sep 24 2012 |




Great point Fab: Where exactly is (now) the body of world most notorious terrorist? Maybe it is now swimming in the swimming pool of white house :)

Where is the body? Nobody knows!

How they hijacked 4 planes? Nobody knows!

How US air defense failed on that day? Nobody knows!

How these 19 hijackers got into planes? Nobody knows!

Which one is more complex; 9/11, Osama’s body or Da Vinci Code? Nobody knows!

It seems like body of OBL is now covering the debris of 9/11. 


There is something tacitly between Pakistan government and US government (between the lines). Election is coming my dear, election!


Regarding romance of USA and Israel; this reminds me a song of Leonard Cohen, “Everybody knows, that’s how it goes, everybody knows”.

I don’t have anything bad about this romance but that is futile to cover it up. :)

As we say: you cannot hide Isaq and Musk.

06:40 PM Sep 24 2012 |



United Kingdom


The problem with people like you is that whenever there are gaps in knowledge, you let an irrational side take over which points to some wanted, absurd conspiracy theory. 

Notwithstanding, we DO know many of those questions. Extensive research and reporting through the 911 commission explains many things. Perhaps you should have a read.


I don’t think the relations between the US and Israel are covered up or that secret. Obama himself in his Cairo speech to the Arabs admitted that the ties between Israel and the US are unbreakable.

Polls taken among the American people show a clear support of a majority of Americans for Israel. (I think the UK is America’s number 1 friend).

Either way, I don’t want to dominate this thread with talk about Israel. It has nothing to do with this subject.

Nevertheless, you point out the problem: People act irrationally, like the people involved in these protests. Most of them did not see the movie. Just like most people years ago protesting probably did not see the Mohammed cartoons either.

06:50 PM Sep 24 2012 |



United States

What do you mean we don’t know where the body is? We buried OBL at sea in the manner of his faith. His body is in Davy Jones Locker with the bodies of many better men than  he was. There was a entire USN crew aboard. You are intentionally trying to believe and justify lies.

Yes, election is coming. Does Pakistan want war? I don’t understand you. We’ve been trying to treat them like allies, whenever they let us anyhow. Because the appeasers here are losing votes daily, though a month ago I would have sworn the war mongers had no chance.

I don’t think we have a romance with Isreal, but of all the middle eastern nations, they lie to us and kill us less often than people from Islamic nations do.  As an American, I tell you honestly I’ve never heard any serious American politician suggest not supporting Isreal. You (supporters of the destruction of Isreal) kill us more often than they do. Why on earth would we do differently? But make no mistake, even those here who hate Isreal will defend them. We won’t be pushed by the weaker nations. If they don’t want violence, they can always stop using it politically. As for us, we WANT peace. It isn’t us murdering the truly innocent. It’s us killing in response to the killing of the innocents. I say these things because there are a great many opinions here. I think peace is our only hope, but one has only to turn on the tv to find those who think we should have already made an attack on the facilities. Far too complex for me, but our governments can talk until the shooting starts so why not try peace first?

UK? Maybe. We regard them in a motherly sense, support for them is pretty unwavering. I personally would have voted for Canada though, and S Korea isn’t far behind. I don’t think a clear majority support Isreal like we do the UK, I think we support Isreal as our only option to more Islamic violence. Without caving in to the violence of the weak spirited I mean. My opinion only here. Also it bugs the snot out of me that I watch Top Gear UK and they appear to be freer than we are. Our laws have become draconian thanks to Islamic attacks.

This thread seems long lost. And I’ve talked to Saladeen. He’s a smart guy. Perhaps he’s only playing with us to arouse our annoyance.

07:39 PM Sep 24 2012 |



United States

This man is a complete and total idiot:


Faced with a very high likelihood of a Isreali attack given the constant diet of theats his nation has made against Isreal, he forces us to action also. KNOWING that if Isreal attacks, and knowing we can’t actually stop Isreal from attacking, and knowing that Isreal is kind of being forced into an attack by his nations stupidly insisting it needs nuclear weapons to use on Isreal, his statement leaves the US with no options EXCEPT a pre-emptive strike. Which will be blamed on us. Even though just like that complete and total moron Saddam, they do the exact same thing. Try peace. It might work. These threats will end in millions and millions of dead from all nations. And who is doing it? Iran. Iran and only Iran. Just like Iraq before them. Try peace. Work with the inspectors, stop making threats, stop seeking WMDs. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) means exactly that, and it applies to any nation who chooses war. Stop it while you can. Protest your OWN leaders threats for a change. It’s your lives they spend. And ours. For crap.

Yes I am throwing gas on the fire. How dare you still trot out those stupid excuses from 11 years ago and in conjunction with your anniversary “protest” attacks. Talk about blaming the victims while “condemning” the attacks. BS.

08:12 PM Sep 24 2012 |