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United States

I personally think Sec of State Clintons speech probably reflects the voice of most Americans. This is our first amendment, our First Law. Our government has no control over the words of our people. We expect our people to act like adults. We expect others to do likewise. Too bad that isn’t happening.

What will you do when the USA puts a large base in eastern Libya in response to this act of war? Isreal will be so safe they could disarm. Are all muslims positive it isn’t Jewish people leading these protests?

Perhaps you think Russia or China will be kinder. They both have thier own problems with Islam. Prime Minister Putin gave us the “I told you so” and invited us to join the suppression of Islamic radicals. Has anyone even SEEN this “movie” or is all of this because someone started it and no one involved is mature enough to think before they act?

Disgusting. And yet we STILLL allow you into our nations….and allow you to say things to us that you would kill us for saying to you. Do you think it’s LESS insulting to us for you to say Jesus was not God than for some idiot here (and one of YOUR people) to say Mohammad was not a prophet? Hypocrites.

04:23 PM Sep 14 2012 |

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United Kingdom

Sabre-rattling. Nothing more.

08:19 PM Sep 24 2012 |



United States

I hope so, but I think Isreal will do it if this goes on and on, and with the threat that if Isreal does, we’ll be attacked no matter what, how could anyone explain to Americans at home we ignored such a threat if it comes to pass.

I will make popcorn and laugh at their presidents final UN speech. It should be a deusey. I wonder, had the Palestinians followed the effective example of Ghandi back when this all started how much different the world might be now. From what I’ve seen historically the tactics are the most suited to situations such as they are in. It’s worked before, it might again. It’s better than threats of war anyhow.

08:24 PM Sep 24 2012 |