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what stereotypes do U have about Russia?



Russian Federation


a week ago I returned from Europe.I was slightly shocked by such a fact: when people found out that my friends and me were from Russia,they started to speak about – vodka, matreschka, cold war… =) All these are just stereotypes. Not so many russians drink vodka,we don't play with matreschka, bears don't walk in the streets in Russia. 

So I wonder what else stereotypes do U have about Russia and how u know about it?

10:58 AM Sep 16 2007 |

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NO idea, just cold weather… Embarassed

03:31 PM Sep 18 2007 |




lol… hmm Stalin? :) sorry joke… hmm i don't any special stereotypes i think you are good at teams sports like volleyball or basketball… football of course to. But i don't like your politics btw:P

07:14 PM Sep 18 2007 |



United States

Russia is a paradox. The people can be very cold hearted, but very warm, they can do some very dumb things, but be really brilliant. They really confuse a lot of people in the US and occasionally infuriate them by reneging on agreements.

07:39 PM Sep 18 2007 |


Russian Federation

Hi, I'm from Russia too. want to say about stereotype of drinking alkohol. To be honest, when russian people, espessialy men, go abroad,for example to Turkey, they really drink a lot. All is inclusive, so they can't refuse free drinking. But at home they can be absolutely normal familymen.

11:33 PM Sep 18 2007 |

faithful tracy


the ex-brother of our country haha     vodka   ,hot dance  , toasted meat

03:33 AM Sep 19 2007 |

Lily :)

Lily :)

Russian Federation

Ha-ha)))) The idea that Russians drink vodka because they are always cold kills me!!!! Btw the weather here is not really cold, it's cold only about 2 months in winter, but we put warm clothes on and everything's OK)) But we of course don't have to drink alcohol to get warm!!! How can some people possibly imagine that??! "Oh, it's cold outside, – thinks a typical Russian man in the morning before going to work, – I'd better drink down half bottle of vodka!!!" Hahaha)))))

But of course we can't make people think the different way, because when one doesn't know much about smth, all that is left for him is to trust the existing stereotypes. And a man cannot know everything, so all of us have little knowledge and as a consequence stereotypes about some things (but these things differ with different people)))

09:38 PM Sep 19 2007 |


Russian Federation

I am support my country-woman Katerina(I think such is the case). Many people from west are know about Russia only from Radio and tv 70th early years. I think from it their stereotypes!May you will go to Russia and you will see than it other country than USSR!

09:22 AM Sep 21 2007 |



hello every body i really think that russian people r behaviour and thier revolution in 1917 was great i like comunisme but i think that russian and old ussr dislike it because it caused lot of  not good things for this world and i accept thier  point of view but really in my heart i dream to an equal world for every body.

and to speak about racisme it is very bad think to imagine difference as sick

about vodka and bears i think that the history obliged the europen to think like that but vodka i think it is the natur of russia (to kill the cold) because many algerian peoples were in russia and they said that it is so cold  they cn't stay with out drinking alchol not vodka specilly 

in the end i want to wish great futur to russia and wish it solution for the prob of skinheads

10:23 AM Sep 21 2007 |

t k awan

t k awan


 HI I am  from PAKISTAN.I love Russia and Russians as well.Russia is the great country.i wish that russia must play its role in the World again.In 1978 my father imported a russian TV.which is still working.but there after nothing import or export from russia to PAkistan due to Cold War.(I hate cold War).I love Russia.If some body ask me where do you live as 2nd home I will prefer Russia.

09:30 AM Sep 23 2007 |



well, i will say something , i dont know it is stereotype or an echole, but as far as i'm concerned from my holiday experiences, they have nice blue eyes, attractive blonde hair and very wellcreated long legs (i've never seen any leg with a fault on them)

09:51 AM Sep 23 2007 |