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Life Talk!

Do you enjoy being single?? Not having a relationship?? :)



I’m curious!! :) I’m single, but I love it! Girls are so complicated!!  I know it’s about the hormones.. :) But at mine age, it’s nice to be single. Having a girlfriend, I have no time for that, Sport, School, Work, Friends, and than also a girlfriend it’s just to difficult to combinate that. :) It’s better having a girlfriend, when you have a stabile life! I think :) Like being graduated, having a job.  Do you agree with me? And the girls do you like to be single?  Or do you want to have a boyfriend?? :) Thanks! For reading!! I’m so curious! :)

10:26 PM Nov 13 2012 |

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I think almost the same. But is nice to have someone who can get in to your life like he piece that is miss on your jigsaw puzzle.  


08:39 AM Nov 14 2012 |



Hahahahahahaha! Than we are in the same position! :) Nice that you enjoy the single life too! Haha I have the same feeling! Being single, can be boring! Because it’s nice to have somebody in your life where you can share the feeling and so on!! :) ! :)  But we are still young! Your prince and mine princess on the white horse will come someday! No worries!!! :)  haha

10:52 PM Nov 14 2012 |