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Life Talk!

House on Fire

egyptian diva


If your house is on fire(god forbid, of course, just go with what I say, for now) and you manage to save something (objects from around your house), what would you save? Would that be money, your mobile , or something else? I'd save my mobile.IT's a nokia 6600

03:39 PM Sep 18 2007 |

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Trinidad and Tobago

First – Yourself/ your family/ your pet

Second- The house itself if you can

Third- If not I would try to take the photoalbums and important documents like birth certificate etc- proof of identity. 


02:11 AM Sep 19 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


I think almost everything can be replaced so I'd save pics of my kids and my family. Come to think of it, all of that stuff should be in a safe place, ready to rescue in case of emergency. People on this board are from all over so fire isn't always the disaster that happens. Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, all of these things can ruin your day!

03:33 PM Sep 19 2007 |



Time was once, I thought of the same question when I was a teen, when I was interested in collecting stuff, when it was a carefree time of life.  These days, changed.

04:03 PM Sep 19 2007 |