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Life Talk!


egyptian diva


what's your parents role in your life now as an adult?

08:24 AM Sep 20 2007 |

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t k awan

t k awan


Good topic,but to understand that what is the role of parents in our lives has different openions from all over the world.In the Europ and in the Westren world role of parents is totally different from the role which they paly in the Eastren World. there is also difference of role in the middle East and in the other parts of the world.

Then there is difference of cultural sides aswell.

For understanding the role of parents in the age when children are attaining the age of puberty is totally different from the childhood.

when mailchild becomes a boy, then role of parents is different,but,when femail child attains the puberty the role and attitued of the parents is different.

In my area,role of parents is the most essential part for begening the new life.

They care for every thing including education,residential,daily expences,and even for marriage and after marriage matters are also in the hands of parents.

So you can say that parents are the backbone of the life. 

08:44 AM Sep 20 2007 |





i am not sure,they are my parents,that's all.

12:32 PM Sep 20 2007 |




They are most important in my life!

01:38 PM Sep 20 2007 |