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Life Talk!

How to be happy




Everybody in this life wish that he will be happy or live a
very happy life without any problems. Happiness is the most
important thing in our lives and without it we feel that we
don’t exist. So what should be done in order to gain or get
a happy life. the great majority of people think that
happiness come by fame and gathering money and be successful
quickly. I don’t agree no more with this kind of opinions
and I don ‘t see or think that happiness could be when we
communicate with others, to share and exchange point of
views and providing some help to poor people around the
world standing by their sides. as well as practicing the
favorite hobbies such like reading books, travelling and
tourist and practicing sport, leisure and cultural
activities, friends who help us to achieve our goals and
motivate us to get our ambitions. and the most important
that the human should be humble, loyal and friendly this is
the real happiness…........................

10:34 AM Oct 23 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

on myself i feel happy when i think i have a god that he never leave me is around me every time that i need him when i feel i have a good family that i can always trust them when i think i am studying that there are peaple they could’t read and write when i feel i’m not ill.yes so i’m happy thanks god

11:01 AM Oct 23 2013 |