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Life Talk!

Let´s go to play a TRIVIAL QUIZ!!!



I love trivial quizs like the board game trivial pursuit or the video game called buzz.
Especially I love that quizs which you have to guess the image out of focus in as soon as possible because when the image get in focus the time is over .  

If you want, we can compete to guess the asks of these questions that occurred to me about two topics (cats and Spain) and the fastest player will win
the turn to make his own trivial.You can ask one question or more and together we´ll guess all of them.   
Topic: cats; because they are very curious and funny animals enough tender and special.With a cat you never lack laughs!!!
Do you know Egyptian women made-up their eyes so they looked like cat eyes and in Egypt cats were mummifield with mouses in their tombs?
In the Middle Ages cats were burnied because they were associated with the witchcraft.
Do you know cats "can´t" live without their whiskers? And they like sleepping with the back against a wall because they avoid to be surprised from the back. 

Topic : Spain; because I was born there and maybe you want to know about another countries,for example this one!

1.Where is the Teide mountain?

2.How should you wear at Pamplona's fiesta of San Fermín?

3.Which area of Madrid is known as a gay zone?

4.How are black cats regard in Spain?

5.What is the function of the cat´s whiskers?

6.What is the reason of the rough cat´s tongue?

7.How many sounds can cats make?

8.Have the cat tail some usefulness?

9.How many muscles have a cat got in each ear?

10.Is there any cat breed without tail? and any one without fur?

10:20 PM Sep 23 2007 |