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Hello everyone! My name is Lena. I’m a last year student. I’m doing my research paper and need to interview people of non Russian linguistic-cultural communities in order to find out whether it’s difficult for them to understand some peculiarities of foreign culture. Could you please answer 10 questions below fill in the form using this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewi2hi76xewu0j4/form.doc   

Thank you in advance


01:15 PM Jun 02 2014 |

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Saudi Arabia

Personal information: 

Name : Skip. Beat

Age: 28

Country: Saudi Arabia.


1)“New girl” season 2, episode 25 

   b) I understand only general core = I guess they were talking about a famous person or character  .

2)“New girl” season 2, episode 25 

   a) Everything is clear .

3)“Go on” season 1, episode 2 

   a) Everything is clear .

4)“The Big Bang Theory” season 7, episode 24 

    c) I do not understand the meaning .

5)“The Big Bang Theory” season 1, episode 6 

    a) Everything is clear.

6)“Happy together” season 1, episode 1 

    d) There is not enough context to understand the meaning.

7)“Happy together” season 1, episode 8 

     c) I do not understand the meaning.

8)“Happy together” season 1, episode 21 

     a) Everything is clear.

9)“Uni” season 2, episode 54

      c) I do not understand the meaning.

10) “Uni” season 2, episode 68

     a) Everything is clear 


Good luck with your research. = )


02:28 PM Jun 02 2014 |




Hey, thanks a lot! :)

03:41 PM Jun 02 2014 |