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Can people change?


Trinidad and Tobago

Do you believe people can change? Have you changed?

I would say I am essentially the same person I was five years ago. A little less naive, less physically fit but other than that I have not changed, even though my way of life is very different. I live in a different country than I did five years ago. Although the food is very different, my major mode of transport is different. I feel the same.

12:06 AM Sep 25 2007 |

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I think everyone will change ,maybe character,habits or living even our appearance.

   take me for example ,i am more mature and responsible.


11:41 AM Sep 25 2007 |



Yes Kanaobi.we all of us must change for the best for our God ;the greatest then for paradise.

02:06 PM Sep 25 2007 |




certainly people change but that change deffer from one to another , i know some of people changed from the root and some of them also changed but a little ,

i can said that i am change every year for better , and some time i told my self wow how much i grow than last year , for ex , in a certain situations i did in the past ,may be this year i think that what i said or did before not right or not right as i want to be…

10:28 PM Sep 25 2007 |