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I work in a company.In the past,I study English in the University.But after I leave the school,I didn't study English,beacuse my work isn't about English!So my English is very poor now.And I want to study English very well.Who can help me?I hope a expert pepole who study English very well can help me!

I hope my English is very very good!

08:32 AM Sep 25 2007 |

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you can listen english and find a partner to practice and watch more emglish movies .

12:33 PM Sep 25 2007 |



Thank you!

I know all that what you say.I often do so that.But my English is so poor too.So,I want to look for a penpal who can chat in English with me in the e-mail.

08:58 AM Sep 26 2007 |


Russian Federation

Hi Jennyque!
I shall be your penpal and chat with you.

01:46 PM Sep 27 2007 |



Thank you!I'm very sorry that reply you later.Beacuse I'm very busy these days and on the last week my computer is broken.

I'm very happy that we can make friends in the internet.I hope we can chat everday.

So I want to know where are you from?I'm from China.SmileA Chiese girl.

09:21 AM Oct 16 2007 |