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Life Talk!

Is your life going the way you plan




We all at a certain time start to have some hopes and dreams or we can say certain expectations from life,I started to have fantasies about the life that I want to live at the age of fifteen and the thing that I always knew that I'm ambition so my dream life was in a job where I can improve my life where I can be special ,but unfortunately at the age of seventeen I realised that I'm like a lot of people and my life is not going the way I plan, now I'm eighteen and about to be nineteen and I made a decision I will start doing something about my dreams and I will not let go any of them I will try as hard as I can to make them come true and this topic is my first step I want to know who feels the same way I do because knowing that there is people who feel like you makes you feel better Embarassed

So now …..... I'm asking every and each one of you is your life going the way you plan??

If yes then good for you and congratulations for your life.

And if no then what are you going to do about it

gd luck Wink

11:21 PM Sep 25 2007 |

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yeas its going the way i plan

10:27 AM Sep 27 2007 |


Russian Federation

I have the purpose and I have the plan. Whis it I attain my purpose. I think if you haven’t plan you object shall not be arrive!

08:49 AM Sep 28 2007 |


Viet Nam

Dear yoyo, i am in hurry now, i was about to leave office to teach english at the center but i viewed your blog and i wanted to say something.

Ofcause, when we were young or were children , we got our own dreams about our futures, me too.

I was dreaming about oneday i would be a teacher, but sometime i saw some deective movies and then i wish i could be a famoust detective…etc

And i didnt plan to become a muslim but i converted tobe a muslim last Ramadan.

I didnt think even about foreigner but now i know that i have to married with a foreigner because in Islam, woman cant married to a non-muslim man and in VietNam, specialy in Ha Noi, our capital, you cant find any muslim man.

And i studied about IT, now i am working for a company about communication and i use my knowlegde that i studied in university for my job.  And i would never think that one day i will be teacher. But Masha'Allah the job found me not i found that job LOL

In  casual situation i got that job, i got one foreigner friend, one day she called me : Shaakira, can u pick me to the interview, i will have an interview today but i dont have car and even motorbike to come there.

So i drove her there, the director of that english center thought that i was also the one who came there for interviewing. LOL and the director tested both of us. Then i got that job LOL

Now i am teaching for London Cambrigde and oxford at the same time. Alhumdullilah

So what i wanted to say here is even you plan something for your life but you cant control or you cant see anything in the future, everything will be arranged by God. And maybe tomorrow i will disapprear by an accidence or something like that, who knows? So i just try my best to "live for today" and you should do too.

Try your best to do what really need for your life tobe better, try your best to be kind to yourself first then to others around you.

And you will be successful even in the way you planned or not!


I have to go now!

Anyway, nice topic, i like it and i will give to my students to discuss about that. Thanks again

Shaakira Hannah 

09:49 AM Sep 28 2007 |



United States

I though my life would go the way I planned. 50% went well as I planned but 50% was like under someone's control such as God. I'm satisfied the way I'm now even though I lost my goal because I still hoping that there is better game for me some day and some where to get peace and happiness.Other than that to get successful life is depend on God well or God's plan as he usually does to every one. If God is exist in this Universe. It is well ,it is well with my soul!

07:34 AM Aug 19 2008 |



Viet Nam

I don't want to plan for my life…

07:49 AM Aug 19 2008 |




i don't have a big plan for my life before i went to college, but now i know what i want and what kind of people i want to be, i'll make it under my control, i don't believe in god, i just believe myself


09:45 AM Aug 19 2008 |