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hi from Japan!



hi, I really enjoy visiting at Englishbaby and learn English so much thru this stuff,but I would be very happy if you guys aree interested in swapping lots of info on language in English and Japanese(Korean) or friendship !

I am from Japan,osaka , a friendly male,
send messeges at

well, hope to hear from you soon

02:59 AM Oct 18 2005 |

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Hi , Im from Mexico, and I would like to know many things about Japan, and make friends

06:50 PM Mar 10 2006 |



hi, thanks heaps,mateys, I am so glad to get your messages from you chaps! well, I guess, we could meet on line thru MSN chat or swapping some mail together.
be friends each other.

02:26 AM Mar 11 2006 |




i am a chinese too.my msn is putin010 at hotmail dot com.you can also mail me using this address.

01:27 AM Mar 22 2006 |