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Life Talk!

Read this strange story and tell me your opinion?



Saudi Arabia

About six months ago  ,I studied a material which's called WORKSHOP TECHNOLOGY .In this material you study about how to make things which're made of metal . Such as a box ,a cup ,a small table and other things .Our class's divided into two places ,one of them is a workshop ,the other one's the class which we were used to studying in it and after that working in the workshop .The weather in our country's very hot in the summer , therefore you're not recommended to travel in my country without sunglasses, because your eyes will be like cooked eggs without them .Anyway,I used to put my sunglasses in our workshop , but I changed my mind to be used to putting them in our class on my table instead of that ,because  I found that it was possible that my sunglasses might've  been broken in the workshop .One day , after the break time , I returned back to my class and I found that my sunglasses had been stolen .I asked my teacher and the students about so ,but they told me that they didn't know .I said in my heart ,"what kind of persons is that ?! why did he steal my sunglasses ?! if he told me that he wanted them ,I would not have minded to give them to him ",I got angry and I said in my heart , "If I could catch him ,I would've  told my director to have him fired from the college".This year,in one day and after my class finished ,one student which was sitting next to me said, "hello,how're you ?,do you know someone's name XXXXX?",I replied ,"yes,this one studied with me last semester ,he was  my classmate ,he was the one who has made a box with me in the workshop ,he was such a nice guy ,what's the matter?!",he said ,"he died in an accident with his family last vacation  and his friend told me to give you a message that your classmate was the one who has stolen your sunglasses and he wants you to forgive him" ,I replied, "oh my god ,it's really a very sad thing .No problem ,I will forgive him as long as he was my friend" ,then I got very sad and went to my room and looked at my box which we together have made and I said in my heart ,"what have I done to this person ,we were just friends ,I've never made him angry and I've never made problems with him and he was so kind,why did he steal my sunglasses then ?!".

This's the end of the story

People're very strange .No body's perfect in this life ,hence we have to deal with others by what positively they do,not negatively ,because you will have a little of friends if you do so

My dear ,tell me what do you think about this story ?

09:30 PM Oct 03 2007 |

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valley 12


Hello,Bo-Gaber.This is my first time to use Ebaby ,I feel very luck to read your story.No matter what has happened,you and your friend are also the good kids of God.He is so brave that admit his flaut ,and you are so kind .Guy,forget those unhappy things, enjoy yourself with his hope.

12:10 PM Oct 06 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


I would guess that it wasn't the person who died who stole your sunglasses. My guess would be that it was the friend or the person who told you about it. I don't think that stealing a pair of sunglasses would be a person's last thought in life. I'm also not sure that it would be a thing that you would share with someone else, would you?

Sometimes I think that we should worry about the person who steals more than the thing that is stolen. 

01:50 PM Oct 06 2007 |



Saudi Arabia


although ur story is short but really it is interesting ..


03:12 PM Oct 06 2007 |



What you`ve said is right that nobody is perfect in this life, from ur story I really proud of you because you have forgiven him with what he did to you.. Maybe from this, we get a lesson to be learned, that is how to forgive someone if they are doing wrong to you, otherwise regret will always come in the end..Keep strong fren!!

05:43 PM Oct 06 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

Burningcandle & Valley, you're welcome my dears and thank you for your nice words
Mapleleaf Man ...No,my friend's the one who has stolen my sunglasses ,because no body can enter our class except the authorized ones such as teachers and students .He's one of them .The person who has told me that ,the first time has studied with me this semestor,therefore there's no possible reason to think that he has done so ,thank you my friend

"لورا",if I made this story much longer  ,there would have been no comments here , hence I made it as short and more interesting as I could .The shorter the story and the more interesting  it's ,the more it's read ,thank you ..Saudi girl Smile

eva_maitreeya ,thank you.you're very cool and cute one



08:05 PM Oct 06 2007 |




I want to know ,if the accident have not happened ,are you forgive him also?

His is remorse all the time after he stolen your sunglass,so he is not a bad person .

07:53 AM Oct 08 2007 |



Saudi Arabia


     Of course that I'll forgive him if he admits about what he has done seriously with regret .

Actually,I don't know whether he'll admit about his fault if he's still alive or not .Before he died ,he had not told his friend to tell me so (logically,how can we know about death's moment,so that we can tell about our faults before death happens if a fatal accident occurs ?!,that's impossible .There's only one exception which's; if a fatal disease occurs ,there's a chance for someone to say (his /her) fault before he dies .Anyway,
his friend told me about so ,because he wants god to forgive his faults (one of the Muslim people's habits that if someone dies ,(his/her)known faults are shown by relatives to others who have the due ,so that faults are forgiven by god ),Understood?

Thank you for your reply

07:03 AM Oct 09 2007 |