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Life Talk!

boys ,tell me which kind of girl attrct you most!



boys ,tell me which kind of girl attrct you most!maybe diffent country have the diffent opinion.

12:09 AM Oct 18 2007 |

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Hasan ah

Hasan ah


hmmmm, for me .

the girl who does not try too much to attract me,the on dont use that much of make up :D.

i like the polite girl and the shi one but not afraid from asking for help.I like the girl which care about her family and know the truth love.If she loves some one she must be loyal for him.

 I got attracked to the girl who know what to wear, i mean the one who cares about what to wear.not skirts not tight.but just beautifull clothes.Smile


that is just asmall opininon :D i have alot to say but i dont wnat to make ahead ache for all of u.:D

01:15 AM Oct 18 2007 |




what kind ? it is too difficult to say someone never know whos going to be ur half orange maybe a girls who never u paid atenttion but the most important is what values the people have and what goals if they have a good sense of humor if they have feeling to express what they want. the love is a complicated way and one has to figth in order to get it .i know is difficult but on the end youll get it.

03:15 PM Nov 03 2007 |




It’s easy for a woman to attract attention from men. Just wear skin-tight, thigh-length, revealing clothing. You’ll get lots of men  attention….but this kind of attention don't work for along time and it is dowdy and cheap  ,,,,also it is not kind of attention that  women want to accomplishes.

05:47 PM Nov 03 2007 |