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Why am I Muslim ? ... Why am not I Muslim ?


Saudi Arabia

many people want to know …why are not u Muslim? or why are u Muslim ?

Plz. respect all of religions ….


12:23 AM Oct 19 2007 |

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fanni szabo


I was born to a christian family and I was baptised as a baby. I don't feel it necessary to change it.


04:13 PM Mar 12 2008 |



Re: Converts to Islam

I wouldn´t be too too proud of THIS GUY….



04:26 PM Mar 12 2008 |



I forgot about him.

I noticed Richard Reid just because he's so butt-ugly.

Converted to Islam, joined Al_Queda and attempted to blow up a plane. Failed because he's apparently as stupid as he is ugly.

Nice representative of the faith.  

09:36 PM Mar 12 2008 |

lucaste liu


nothing is absolute perfect,there is no exception for religion.but what i think is when someone what comment on something they should pay at least a litte bit effort to get familiar about the thing they what to give their opinion on.so for those who are not muslim,i beg you to read something related to islam,and then you are to some extend qulified to give your own view,ok.

but as muslim we are ,guys have we really fullfilled and obided the rules that god told us to ,sometime we should reflect on ourselves,let pease and harmonious come to be the guideline of the society,to respect the human rights which we are entitled to have as the adoring practise to god,ok.

05:15 PM Aug 23 2008 |



Dear Friends, From the writtings above, I understand that some friends' real aim is to mix people's thoughts. If any doubs about islam, I invite them to my country.Then choose who is right.

11:10 PM Aug 23 2008 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i just want to explain the idea of that god creat all humans and he decided the rules which assure a good life for both men and women even if we dont understand some rules we must obay to avoid punishment in the other life, and who said that women in the muslim world have no respect, its not true at all


09:52 PM Sep 21 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_notable_converts_to_IslamAnd this is about people who converted to Islam … and Compare!! Feel free to think ! Wink

07:44 AM Sep 22 2008 |

Secretary of state

Saudi Arabia

I am a Muslim because my father and my mother are MuslimsAlso because I live in a Muslim countryIslam is my religion

07:50 AM Sep 22 2008 |

Rahma MD

Rahma MD


I'm a muslim because I was born in Islamic family.That was a reason that i used to say. But at present I'v already known why i am I  a muslim and from the deep of my heart i'm proud to be a muslim.

Every religion is good. Coz of that we have to respect them. But there is only one true religion, that's Islam …

09:44 AM Sep 22 2008 |




I don't want any religion which says – do this, do that, This is right, ans this is wrong. I don;t want dictatorship and fasicst religions. I am much happer to be a "kafir" or infidel. than follow any mindless and stupid religions. Most religions potray god as more like a "dictator". Which god will segrigate people into believers, infidels and people of book.

God will never say any one to pray 5 times or 100 times a day. God will never tell any one to wear a perticular type of cloathings.God will never day not to worhip his creations.  

PS. I am a freethinker and have no religion, I take good ideas from different religions but will never follow one.

09:55 AM Sep 22 2008 |