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Life Talk!

Why am I Muslim ? ... Why am not I Muslim ?


Saudi Arabia

many people want to know …why are not u Muslim? or why are u Muslim ?

Plz. respect all of religions ….


12:23 AM Oct 19 2007 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have bornd in a eslamic family so i m muslim now! and im very happy about it! 

well God has created me and other humans and the whole univers so only he knows what is the best for us and therefore he has guide us by religiouse orders… eslam is a complet religiouse which tells us how to live better and love each other so JAVAMANJU it is not a limitation it is a way for living better!

12:41 PM Sep 22 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

by the way…i and all muslims respect all religouse which believe in God!

12:43 PM Sep 22 2008 |




"I don't want any religion which says – do this, do that, This is right, ans this is wrong. I don;t want dictatorship and fasicst religions. I am much happer to be a "kafir" or infidel."
does ur company has no system?!!!!
if u said yes, then u r decieving ur self not others….
any organization, even small one, has a system..do and don't do..and u want ppl haven't …how brain accept that..
do u leave in a country with ppl or do u live alone in the desert see no one…
can u cross the red light on the road?and saying i hate do and don't?!!!!
u and all things like u love vice, but u want to justify it…
whatever u said from false justifications in this short life, u will die one day and will regret for that where regret is useless…..

12:31 PM Sep 25 2008 |