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Why am I Muslim ? ... Why am not I Muslim ?


Saudi Arabia

many people want to know …why are not u Muslim? or why are u Muslim ?

Plz. respect all of religions ….


12:23 AM Oct 19 2007 |

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dear all,

being a moslem means to me my soul of my humanity,its the way that you follow up all your believes and thoughts that you have doubt about it,its the plan and the well to know you rights ,its the evidence once you lack to know rules and religiousaspects,its your breath to faith in god ,its the base of your life,and if they asked me again,deeply i will say am a moslem.

11:13 PM Nov 20 2007 |




hey guys,

well some of the guys here mentioned that we're Muslims koz we were born in Muslim families , i guess that's true so alhamdullah for that, but at the same time i think most of us have reached an age when they can distinguish what's right and what wrong for them, we all have studied our religion's principles and teachings, we have read Quran ,our holy book, soooooo many times , we have seen that our religion is the right one , we are convinced with it , we're not blindly followin it.Islam is not like many non-Muslims think it is, it's is the religion of peace ,tolerance cience ,learning , respect ,it's a perfect religion and we would've been better if we were really following it .A Muslim must be a Believer and Faith in Islam is to believe in Allah ,His angels,all the holy books (including the bible and all the other books),to believe in ALLAH's messengers( and all of them) ,and the Other DAy ,we believe in Jesus,we believe in Moses , we believe in all the messengers and we love them all ,koz if we don't then we're not faithful enough and thus we're not good Muslims ,we love them koz they're all sent by the same God,the one and only , Allah and they all carried the same heavenly message, those messages however were forged by their followers that's why we don't followem , we believe in Islam koz Quran is protected from being forged and thus it's perfect.As a Muslim i'm really really happy ,proud,and grateful for being Muslim, and i feel really blessed for being Muslim.i have never felt mentally or physically or in any ways less than any man, on the opposite i may have felt that if i was not Muslims koz then i wouldn't have been protected , i would've been sexually abused , if not physically then just the thought of me passing by some guys and wearing revealing clothes ,and driving those guys to be staring at me or orally abusing me would really frustrate ,destroy me, make me feel undignified ,unrespected and less than men .Islam has really protected us from such things , and i'm so proud of this and i'm so proud of my veil ,

07:34 PM Nov 21 2007 |



Syrian Arab Republic


07:53 PM Nov 21 2007 |



United Kingdom

I don't like everything that makes artificial divisions among people all over the world. it doesn't matter to me if you are muslim or not. I think religion is for people who are looking for help, advice of how to live better, be better guy. and way, how they reach it, really doesn't matter to me. religion is great thing for people who really need it. nobody will persuade me to the islam or other religion. because I don't need religion to be respected by men or a free person who I am. everything depends on you. but if you feel free because your god tells you to do something, I respect it and you because I hope it is the best way for you.

12:18 AM Nov 22 2007 |



I agree with you SAMARA19

It is perfect.

You explained our religion very well.

Thanks a lot…

06:42 AM Nov 22 2007 |




Hm..actually all of religion teachs rightness!! But sometimes people make it wrong or out of real doctrine,whether it is Quran,Bible, Taurat, etc. God have given the best for us..( from  the first prophet till least) but sometimes, people never do right..or maybe people don't wanna admit that truth!!  

03:33 AM Nov 23 2007 |



who told u sir that the women muslims are inferior?am one of thEm and am totaly free.HAVE U EVER MET A MUSLIM WOMAN?SOOO DON’T JUDGE .DON’T LISTEN TO YHE MEDIA

08:55 PM Dec 06 2007 |



HELLO.just i want to ask u:which is better for a aman to marry a woman legaly or to betray his wife ?this why ilam allows the muslims men to get married to another just to avoid adultry .WE DON’T WEAR BACKLESS COZ THIS LEADS TO ADULTRY

08:59 PM Dec 06 2007 |



HELLO.just i want to ask u:which is better for a aman to marry a woman legaly or to betray his wife ?this why ilam allows the muslims men to get married to another just to avoid adultry .WE DON’T WEAR BACKLESS COZ THIS LEADS TO ADULTRY

09:02 PM Dec 06 2007 |



United States

Can anybody tell me how Mohammed spread the Islam religion in the middle east in Muslim version in 600 AD? Did he preach love and respect of human lives? Because history told me that he conquered every tribe by defeating them in a bloody battle and forces them to convert. These were accounts of some respected historians who were scholars, traders and merchants during those times. You know why I believed it? Because more than a thousand years past you can still see the finger print of their device in asserting Islam in every nations.

07:46 AM Jan 26 2008 |