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something about me




hi there .i'm chinese girl ,some people thinks i 'm so young ,i'm 16.i love music,novels,football matches,movies,u know?and so on!!through i 'm fond of football but i have no chance to go to the stadium to see the alive matches.so i wanna go to manchester\ milan\madrid to see games,yeah i really love football especially ACmilan.it's a part of my life,i 'm a really mad football fan.music,i love kelly clarkson,green day ``````and some chinese singers u may not know them!books,soo many,harrpy potter,lol.also great works by famous author

and how about my life,i 'm a high school students in grade 2,i like english very much,i wanna go abroad one day ,it's my dream!so i'm hard-working in my studies,and try my best .

i introduce myself to u because i wanna know more cool person,if ur age is around mine , interested in chinese culture or fond of football ,plz touch me!

finally,just listen to a song named what goes around by justin and enjoy it lol

05:10 AM Oct 20 2007 |

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hi there, nice to meet youSmile

09:40 PM Jun 19 2009 |