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Life Talk!

our dreams!!!!!



it is difficul to achieved our dream???? tell me how.

03:37 PM Oct 22 2007 |

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thx for this importing topic in my opinion for realize our dream we must have lot of ability and patient


03:43 PM Oct 22 2007 |

Big Josh

United States

for me a dream is what keeps people going in life. with out a dream in your life you have no motivation. in other words my dream is to one day sing infront of millions of people around the world. I would like a band to go with me also. I can always hear the crouds chanting the words to my songs as they sing along with me. yes I dream alot. but one day i beleave it will happen. That is what keeps me going in my life. MY dream. find something you love doing and you are good at and perfect it. after that go for the gold. thats what I say all the time. only the hevens is the limit.Wink

07:58 PM Oct 22 2007 |




not really …we have to try hard ,,,and not give up

02:08 AM Nov 01 2007 |



Once a poem happened to me…..
You can be motherrrr….motherrrr…...
you can be fatherrrrr…..fatherrrrr…....
You can be sisterrrrr….. sisterrrr…...
who botherssssssss…......
You are lovrrrrrrrr…...loverrrrrr…...

03:17 AM Nov 01 2007 |




ya , we  should  do  our best  in  the  life . i have  a dream  that  i  can  travel  around  the world , it  means  a  lot of  money ,a  strong  boby ,a  lot  of ability

 i  believe  the dream will  come true some day .i  hold  on  my dream

03:24 AM Nov 01 2007 |



The longest journey is the journey of inwards…...

03:38 AM Nov 01 2007 |