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Life Talk!

do you think european and american people are racist?



Saudi Arabia

 i think most of them are racist and they think that they are the best  race on the world. what is going on in Iraq , in Palastine and southafrica(devide people according to  colors) made me feel that.

what do u think?

12:17 PM Oct 23 2007 |

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Trinidad and Tobago

Racism can take many forms.

Even Black people can be racist against other races.

The challenge is to get to know "the others"

Do you realise this forum is more diverse than most English language forums.

That's why I like it here 

02:44 AM Oct 24 2007 |




Where there are different color of people,it is no doubt that there are "racism"!

08:19 AM Oct 24 2007 |



The color of skin can't decide the superiority. American and Euorope have stong economy,they can get more education, some of them think their race is the best.This ideology will die away,because of time.

12:46 PM Oct 24 2007 |




we don't have law to judge anybody or population about racism. We could say about ourselves. I'm from Poland and i know that people of my country are wrongly  appraised about being racist. i don't agree with it. I appraise indywidual person never mind from where hi/she is. For me important is what human You are! Your value.

02:14 PM Oct 24 2007 |




I don't think we can simply say European and American are racist because many Europeans and Anericans are not so.  If we look around the world these days, racism seems happening in nearly every corner of this world among various groups of different races.

 But, we hardly deny that people who initiated or concern about racism are those who usually feel they are in superior races—-more prestigious than others. And most are in the West—especially in the US and some rich European countries. Besices, the term "racism" is first sprang from the western ideology.

  I never heard it in my Asia culture particularly in my country Thailand, because we treat every people equally regardless of their races, until I went to study in the US and that was the first time I realize the existence of the term "racism and colour /race discrimination". And that spoke a lot about their viewpoint of other races


04:45 AM Oct 28 2007 |