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Life Talk!

what will you do when you feel sad?

Casa Blanca


life is not so perfect as you want,when you have to face some difficults or feel sad,what will you do?

04:11 PM Oct 24 2007 |

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Russian Federation

you know these things are so different. I mean difficculties and sad. It could be two questions. 

when I feel sad i eat a lot Smile or i'm listening the music, walking along and so on.

but if I face some difficulties I try to solve them and after its solving I feel so great! Because I've done it! So i want to say if there were no difficulties in our life we wouldn't appreciate our wonderful life and wouldn't understand how much we can do!

05:46 PM Oct 24 2007 |




 i try to talk to a friend about the problem cuz its ganna make me feel better. Watch a  movie and if i can solve it ,but some times i suffer cuz of problems that is not mine but has to do with people i really love and i cant do any thing about itFrown

07:13 PM Oct 24 2007 |




I think that all the life is beauty, that have his problems buts it's not all the time. Think the people I more love, don't worried like one day i here a man said never look that solution the problems, the importance is what we do for resolve that problem, also importance is to talk with good friends like you …

07:32 PM Oct 24 2007 |

Ŧңέ Ģâறє

Ŧңέ Ģâறє

United Arab Emirates

trying to forget what happend and trying to laughSmile

10:16 PM Oct 24 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago

Sad songs and a glass of spiked milk

10:28 PM Oct 24 2007 |




Go to shoping!

06:30 AM Oct 25 2007 |


Russian Federation

I usuall talk to my boyfriend or my  fruiends and in the most cases it helps!

10:16 AM Oct 25 2007 |



listen sad songs and thinking nothing

10:33 AM Oct 25 2007 |



when I feel sad I usually eat chocolate and ice-creame and I sleep, too… and i like go for a walk when i feel sad… but i am a cheerful person and i seldom feel sad…

10:45 AM Oct 25 2007 |

sweet soul

sweet soul

Saudi Arabia

i will try to get out of my mood & forget that ..

12:27 PM Oct 25 2007 |