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What is your opinion of friendship?



In my opinion, friendship means that if my friends are in trouble, I will be there. No matter who they are, rich or not, I will be their friend forever!

12:16 PM Oct 27 2007 |

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As my point as view , frendship is something that can encourage you and help you when you are in trouble .As the same as well , if one friend of yours  in a terrible case ,you can take the first time to comfor him/her and make him/her fell better .

The trully friendship is puerl and it can`t include ecnomic base ,power and influnce ,family background and so on.

02:43 AM Nov 21 2007 |




friends can give me courage when i am in trouble .and when i am happy ,my friend also feel happy,so i cherish a bleif that friendship will accompany with me forever 

04:42 AM Nov 21 2007 |