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Life Talk!

should men shave hair of their body...???



Hello friends…,long time back this topic would be a little cheeky…to the least…but now it's becoming a topic worth discussing(in india from where i hail this topic wiil be termed nasty and revolting at the same time even now!!Yell...i would love to see your opinion….be as frank as u can possibly be…no need being shy about it…

PS: This ain't only for the male…females are welcome to have their say as well….bye

12:41 PM Oct 30 2007 |

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Uh… I did it once, I was dating with a non-confortable-with-hairy-men. I don´t need to tell you that that person enjoy it and even I feel kind of a porn star, hahaha!

 But trust me, when the little hair start to grow up… it´s so painful!!! You end up cover with little red points on your body and feeling pain with the minimun touch of the underwear or T-shirt… Awful!!! Embarassed

10:12 PM Aug 28 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

for me , i hate being hairy.. but especially, my beard.. i hate something called beard..that's why, i'll keep on shaving my beard for forever.


as for the body.. it depends on me.. really.. whenever i look at myself at the mirror and say " dude, ur like a gorilla" 

 i shave.. but also if that phrase changes to "dude, ur such a man" then … i don't. LOL 


so, it depends on my mood.

05:01 AM Aug 29 2009 |




I like that style :D

05:49 AM Aug 29 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


mmmm I think men should shave just their genitals and If they want, their axilla.

For girls, I think we should shave all our body ..LOL! just kidding! But I really think we girls should just have hair on our head, our eyebrows and eyelashes, that's it ..oh, that would be s perfect! just like babies LOL!

06:36 AM Aug 31 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S



 What do you think about this: Laughing


06:45 AM Aug 31 2009 |



Haha…Yes I think they should shave their hair for a little while. 

06:03 AM Nov 25 2009 |