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Life Talk!

when do you feel tears in your eyes? and when do you try to hold it?



sorry if i make you sad, but alot of time we have a tears in heart and we try to hidden it not to appear in eyes. but some times your eyes betray you and you find your tears drop.

what make you feel tears in your eyes? and  when you try to hold it?!

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02:42 PM Nov 01 2007 |

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There were some moments in my life that I had to try difficultly to hold my tears.

Those often took place when I was deeply disappointed by unexpected situations or by the persons I love or trust.

That feeling of holding tears or even forcing smiles to the world around you is worse than when you can crying out lound and let others know how sad you are.


05:55 PM Nov 02 2007 |




i'm not a cry-baby….but sometimes i come across some cases  that  makes me pouring… for example when i see a crying baby, my eyes always get wet… i feel myself about to cry… :D this may look a little bit strange… bu
t whenever i c a crying baby… i try to calm him-her down…


and the amazing suprises in my life made me full of tears so many times… and i never tried to stop tearing during these times..

06:16 PM Nov 02 2007 |



Friends,crying is very hard for me.I have tried for it but failed but tears flows by itself when I feel somebody full of love,creativty,joyfull,sensible,prayerful….just a feeling of fullfilment and….....as just now fatima's words touched so soothingly and tears are…...Embarassed

01:50 AM Nov 03 2007 |




I usually can't hold my tears ..and I'm not  a cry-baby..but sometimes u just need 2 cry..and is beter if you have someone to cry with if u know what i mean

12:13 AM Nov 04 2007 |



yes madline, that is really will be better if you have some one to cry with him because you will feel there is some one share your sadness with you and may be make you go to better.

01:27 PM Nov 04 2007 |



Dear,crying & laughing are equaly good…It looks from the outside that both are opposite but they are not…both are exression to what you can't express through words….both arise from same centre….try a big a long laughter & you will realise that a moment comes when your laghterwill turn into crying….& vice versa can happen….just try to experience….

05:24 PM Nov 04 2007 |




well, am the most emotional one from my family and tears are like a tap waiting to be opened. But things have changes a lot since my marriage coz b4 i used to be care free and with no hassles. after marriage its been a completely different ball game. I understand things, and rather than crying at all issues, try to be strong and face situations. But I do cry at times especially if something bad happens to my family or even if i feel some ones getting hurt from my actions,

06:28 PM Nov 04 2007 |




when someone hurt me i fill like idiot i always feel tears in my eyes i know its iznt a good thing"Embarrassing"

09:09 PM Nov 05 2007 |



sometimes some situations makes us cry…...

i cried first when i left my house aftr marriage.while my mum dad n brothers gave my hands to my betterhalf and lead me to his car ,then i felt that ohhhhhhh i am going from my home to another home …....tears came to my eyes but i hold those tears tight becase ….

i knew that my husband is so happy to take me to his house and i didnt wanted to give him a feelings that i was accompanying with gr8 sorrows in mind…...i wanted to begin a life with my husband happily and i dont want to make my husband sad soooooooooooo i smiled in the middle of that

06:45 AM Nov 07 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

Well… I have been dropping the tears most of my life…although I have trying not but those tears we can not controlled it whatever we tried to do…every time I dropped that tears ,I think in my mind that those tears will stop and finish at the end; however, I realized that more and more the tears can not finish … I cried in my life and everyone do but I don't life to people see me cry coz it might show my weakness ,,, so when I feel I want to cry, I just get a way from all human their ,try to not cry till I make it to that place and when I reach it … I also tried not to cry in front of myself but sometimes I cant and I cry and cry and cry but I can't stop except when I have my friends: papers and the pen who help me to get through my sadness by writing poems … 


07:03 AM Nov 07 2007 |