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Why sex attracts us so much........



Why sex attracts us so much….what does it gives to us ….do you have some answer…?

01:52 AM Nov 02 2007 |

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mr lonley


to keeping the human race alive

01:58 AM Nov 02 2007 |



South Korea

 I think we are the creature by the Lord as other animals. and that's natural for us to be attracted by sex. It's an instinct , I think.

 But we are reasonable too. That is the difference between animals and humans. So with reason we have to control ourselves.

To balance betwween instinct and reason is very subtle and difficult for us. But according to what to choose to follow more , you will be judged more reasonable or instinctive. 

Now it's up to you. Do you want to be a people or animal?

Of course , to accept my thoughts or not is up to you again. I hope you who wil read this to have some help to set your evaluation. thank you for reading till now.  

02:09 AM Nov 02 2007 |



South Korea

Hi. Kanaobi. 

Ya. that's right.

But be careful not to be promiscuous.

 That was what I want to warn.

But among two lovers , it's no exaggeration that you can't have any other better emotion cure than that.

01:03 AM Nov 03 2007 |



I think it has a lot to do with our sexual feelings,  emotions and expectations (satisfactions) involved.

08:07 AM Nov 03 2007 |



foolish spoily bad stupit etc like this word.your brain, mind etc.. don't grow. live is responsible.but you don't know that what you should do.

08:15 AM Nov 03 2007 |



mr lonley in my culture of Acholi, sex was meant for producing babies strictly and a barren woman is considered worthless(cursed).

08:19 AM Nov 03 2007 |



These days sex is killing us with the deadly virus HIV/AIDS (a killing machine)

You have to fight it my dears.Life is precious.

08:38 AM Nov 03 2007 |



Friends,Sex is condemed by all of us…those who like it also have a guilt inside &  at some corner of the heart feel shy of it & hope to drop it someday….Every religion teach us so.We are always at cross roads ..to be or not to be..all of us goes through it & convince ourselve we find some reason…..

It is the most wonderful instinnct…..we can be king of ourself….if we experience it withour full availability…..

04:54 PM Nov 03 2007 |