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Which kind of animal do u feel??




Hi everybodyKiss

     Every one has some characteristics that make him similar to an animal,for example i feel to be like a panda because i'm sweet and clumzy(if u don't mind…heheh)Tongue out

  Your turn:which kind of animal do u feel??

09:15 PM Nov 04 2007 |

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i feel like the Arabic white horse because it is authentic and pure and faithful

03:36 PM Nov 06 2007 |



United Kingdom

FOX – because foxs are shifty and clever – just like me :D

04:03 PM Nov 06 2007 |




What  a wonderful  activity…...why do we need to compare our self with animals….because all animals exist in their original form…..It's bad luck only for human….who don't  exist like a human…..what a great pity…..can't we say with confidence that we are human beings…..

05:49 PM Nov 06 2007 |



devindernaqpal, I dont agree with u, sometimes we wanna fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin or to be big whale…ws. Most of us love the animals. and we try to feel them. they remind us something  ok? also we talk about something for improving english. no problem is it ok? regards…

09:33 PM Nov 06 2007 |




so,u have to compare urselve to an animal as we did,if u think that we are not &/or we don't behave like humanbeings..dear devindernaqpalLaughingto be similar to an animal is better than similar to nothing(0% humanbeing)Laughing

11:01 PM Nov 06 2007 |



 I feel like a bird. because I like so much to traveling and meet new friends.

11:42 PM Nov 06 2007 |



Dear Linda & blue dreams,

You are welcome,I have tried my best to find animal to be compared with me so I have decided to take your help….kindly help me to find such a corrupt animal like me…such a impure ….such a dangrous ….such a liar I have tried but failed…I am not ashamed of comparing myself with animals…It shall be an honour for me…..

What I want to say is that man's ( not woman)behaviour is corrupt one….you can trust an animal but not a man….In the whole animal kingdom we can't find a rapist but we can certainly find it in man's world..animals have a dignity…which man don't have….

I have not mentioned woman…..because they are the only hope for this earth….only woman has the potentialty to controll the in-animalistic qualities of man…..shehas the power to absorb all aggressiveness of man…only it is a matter of time that,when woman will recognise his potentality to to controll the man-ness & take the charge of this planet & save the seed of humanity…..  

02:55 AM Nov 07 2007 |



hai linda sis,

u frgt me??????Cry

what do u feel abt me?.......give me an answer

my answer:

i feel that i am similar to horse..as my names meaning is quite similar to horse.i am like a horse,with a strong aim n concentration. its hard to make a horse undercontrol.i wont surrender myself soon to some1 like a horse.


ciiao linda

06:38 AM Nov 07 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

I loooooooooooooove horses:)

07:05 AM Nov 07 2007 |




yeah,i like dog very much ,because it is so lovely and i like to play with him.

07:31 AM Nov 07 2007 |