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Life Talk!

what about confessing your platonic love??




mine was in high school…I fell in love with a girl and loved her for 3 years without telling her…because she was my best friend:(

10:06 PM Nov 07 2007 |

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Russian Federation

Well…i'm sorry about your case. In fact, all the times of affection i've had ended in nothing. If i liked someone, the guy didn't know. If the guy liked me, i didn't like him. I had a classmate – the whole world knew about his love for me. I felt a bit confused, coz for me he was a nice guy, but nothing more. He knew it and didn't ask for anything. We still communicate from time to time. And he doesn't know i found my real love…When my present boyfriend told me about his feelings, i was a bit shocked at first, coz we liked each other…but that! Well, this time it turned to be different )) 

09:41 PM Nov 11 2007 |