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share your love experience




i've always wanted to have someone with whom i can share my love feelings and experience ..so let's talk about it…


08:56 PM Nov 08 2007 |

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i'll start….so this is my story…

i used to love someone who meant too much for me..jut knowing that he loves me was giving me much hope and power..but then i discovered that every nice word he told me,every nice dream we shared and every step got together meant nothing to him when he leted me down with someone else….it's true that i was hurt….but it really was a good experience for me if i look to it positively….and i still believe in love….as i believe that love has a power that can move a montain…but just pure true love…..

09:39 PM Nov 08 2007 |



really eveyone should get experience from this..actually i think the problem in the boys they did't appreciate this relation and did't know the meaning when a girl falling in love with him..and how this painfull and hard when broken!!! i had relation but the problem i did't take serious first cause i could't believe him and i thought i was girl like every girl who met it befor..but with days i knew him well and i found him really great person and could't imagine person love me like him and i falled in love..i think  the boys when feel they won by the acceptance of us they start to be with real look and never know them better except in special situation ..now my relation was complicated because i found he had't any trust of me..i feeled confuse and lonly and hurt but after that we talked about this and understand our points but we become like friends don't talk and meet alot but respect eachother  ...i think it is not bad when we try to get experience especially we know alot kind of men and know how to treat them ..so don't be worry about love and relation it is unbeleivable moments …

11:36 PM Nov 08 2007 |

Hasan ah

Hasan ah


i dont know girl but i never had atruly or perfect love story .

i dont know , , , , 2 of you said that the boys were the mistakes and i belive you in some way , but not every body like them and i am not like them .

some times the girls must chooce the right one . any way i pray for my god every day and five times 2 . i do every thing for him . but i dont know why my lord let me to meet this girl and she is realy making me crazy and i dont know if she have the same feelings aginst me .

Cry peace XD i didnt cry yet Tongue out

02:58 PM Nov 09 2007 |



what is love ?
whci type of love do you mean ?

really i have a bige love whith my mother

04:14 PM Nov 09 2007 |



jalal, I dont agree with u. I think marwoute say about love with opposite sex. ok? I have fallen in love with him since 2002. I met him at concert it was like a movie. when I didint believe the love, I met him. and I believe now. so Im happy. it was a good experience for me..

06:07 PM Nov 09 2007 |



I once loved a girl. At that time she was everything for me. Then I epxressed my love bu was refused. I was a big blow to me. I sufferd a lot. But after that I become tough. I learnt a  lot from this experience. Now, I know that  it is important to pursue that right person. If you pursue someone who is totally indifferent to you,all of your strongpoint mean nothing to him/her or even mean weekpoints, so  you will suffer and won't enjoy the experience and love. Hope every one get her/his true love. Thank you!

01:00 AM Nov 10 2007 |



yeah,love is really  quaint.i have helped my bf woo my  close friend before we are together,i really cannot believe.i say it clearly on http://www.plusmingle.com/user/big3    if u have time,read it.

07:54 AM Nov 15 2007 |




I'm sure one day you'll find the right person for you. Hey, you deserve someone much better than him. =)

08:17 AM Nov 15 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i was 18 years old when i married a boy that i didn’t know well.
my dad said he’s a good boy.
I had never been with any guy before.
i had never touched any boy.
I had never talked to any boy..
so was he..
he had never dated a girl.
he had never toched a girl.
he had never seen any girl without hejab (exept the ones in tv)
then we married. he was 22 and i was 18
guess what happened?!
we fell in love!
a deep deep pure love that just gets stronger every day.
thank god I’m a muslim

09:35 AM Apr 04 2013 |


Viet Nam

sama im  Sure  after  that  he is kicking you and  yelying  at   you and  have bad  mood  al  time  and  hide an  anger.

01:21 PM Apr 04 2013 |